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By: Wolf Automation  09-12-2011

Intrinsically Safe Solutions from Pepperl + Fuchs!

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  • Transfer 4-20 mA signals from transmitters in hazardous areas & can supply the transmitters with power.

  • Drive analog signals into hazardous areas. Products include current repeaters & drivers, voltage drivers, dual channels, loop powered modules and more.

  • Transfers a discrete signal from a NAMUR proximity sensor or dry contact coming from a hazardous area and transfers the signals to a control device. Switch isolators include single, dual or 4-channel models.

  • Used to energize loads such as solenoids, LED's and audible alarms. Products include logic inputs, solenoid/LED drivers. lead breakage/short circuit monitoring and high current (mA) ratings.

  • Classic series, for new installations please use K-system.

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Intrinsic safety (IS) barriers are a core component of an intrinsically safe solution.

Intrinsic safety barriers are devices that limit current, voltage, & total energy delivered to a sensor or other instrument located in a hazardous area.

Limiting the energy prevents fires & explosions from occurring in areas with hazardous chemicals, gases or other ignitable atmospheres.

Intrinsically safe equipment & wiring means the products are not capable of releasing sufficient energy in a circuit to ignite a flammable atmosphere in a hazardous area. Choose from a broad variety of intrinsic safety barriers:

■Isolated DIN rail mount IS barriers

■Isolated circuit board (interface) mount barriers

■Zener diode intrinsic safety barriers

Marshall Wolf Automation offers intrinsic safety barriers & other components as part of a complete intrinsically safe system for your specific application needs.