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By: Wmw Group  09-12-2011
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by Hypnotherapists Carol Woodliff &Karen Maleck-Whiteley


Custom Hypnosis CDs recorded just for you!

You have something that you are working on;something you want to attract in your life. You know that you should put your focus on the things you want rather than what you don’t want. But when you sit down to meditate,you find it hard to relax and focus at the same time. Or you don’t live anywhere near a hypnotherapist and you’d still like the benefit of a personalized experience.

Prices begin at $150 for the consultation and includes one custom visualization recorded just for you. (This less than an in office visit and helpful for people who do not live close to our offices.)


Five Minute Stress Management

Helps you manage stress and share techniques that work with the way you really live. If your own self-care is the first thing you cross of your “to do”list and you don’t have an extra hour for anything,Five Minute Stress Management was designed for you. This one hour audio CD teaches you techniques you can use in the midst of your busy day so that stress doesn’t get to you!

$25.00 plus Shipping &Handling.

To buy,simply add quantity and “add to cart.”


Hands On Hypnosis

Carol Woodliff leads you through this guided meditation which gives you the opportunity to focus on creating the best of body,mind and spirit.

Carol has been sharing this meditation with clients and at Goddess Parties at Balance Point Spa. Finally after many requests,she has recorded the visualization for you to use at home. Take 15 minutes and notice how your energy shifts using this simple guided practice.

Hands on Hypnosis CD $10.00


What is the most powerful tool to cope with difficult and trying circumstances?

The Power of the Mind and Spirit.

This 15 minute visualization is designed to help those men and women serving in Middle East take a break and create a reserve of peace inside. Everyone has the power to imagine. It is possible to use the power of the mind to create a safe peaceful place inside even in the midst of conflict and chaos. Taking a break and creating this reserve of peace inside,can allow the listener to be more focused and alert when he or she needs it the most.

The CD begins with a simple imaginary trip to a beautiful place in nature of the listeners choosing and then offers the listener a way to connect to the love and support being sent their by family and friends.

Imagery has been proven to help people cope with stress and life threatening illnesses. Carol designed this imagery escape especially to help our men and women in the military cope with the overwhelming demands they are faced with.

If someone you know is serving,buy them this CD today!


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Keywords: hypnosis, stress

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