Warehouse Management Systems, Lean Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Execution

By: Wmsvision  09-12-2011
Keywords: transportation, management software, supply chain

chainView is our premier application suite for supply chain execution (SCE). chainView incorporates omsView to prioritize orders, allocate stock, direct pick tasks, and provide real time order status. The wmsView rmodule provides warehouse management software and incorporates an inventory control program for inventory accuracy, improved space utilization, and reduced operating and labor costs. It promotes a paperless environment, shortens cycle times, and enhances customer service levels and satisfaction. tmsView provides transportation management software for transport order and contract management, shipment rating, load tendering, and shipping documentation. Lean manufacturing, including Kanban concepts, are supported in the applications. Bar code scanning and printing are used throughout for the inventory control program.

We are in the application development and integration business, yet you can count on us to deliver hardware, including server and client machines, thermal transfer and plain paper printers, and wireless equipment, at your option. Installation, integration with existing host or legacy systems, data loading, and training are provided. Help resources include manuals, on-line help, and available 24/7 live support desk.

Dilemma? We can help. Please us for a consultation. There's no obligation.omsView is a feature rich and versatile application for entering orders from the web or via EDI or XML. It sources and allocates stock, formulates pick waves, and manages shortages.wmsView is a powerful and dynamic automated system for managing, tracking, and directing the stocking and order fulfillment processes in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and fulfillment and distribution centers. The wmsView stocking process includes receiving, inspection of incoming materials, system directed put away, relocation, returns, cycle count, and purge management. wmsView is designed to perform detailed-level tracking at the actual point the work is performed to allow for accurate and effective planning. All data is stored in a powerful relational database, with on-line update capability. The traditional time gap between initial paper work and a system update is eliminated. wmsView provides system-directed picking for multiple orders and provides shipping label documentation and generation. wmsView is a paperless system that provides instantaneous, error free data. Its tools provide appropriate analysis and reporting to management for optimal real-time decision-making. Its data reflects an accurate inventory without compromise, allowing for tight inventory and on-line stock allocation for timely customer delivery. tmsView is a web-based system which facilitates transportation management. From initiation of a transport order through final analysis of shipping activity, it provides powerful tools to bring efficiencies and cost savings to your transportation operations. tmsView provides shipment planning, shipment rating, and RFQ capabilities. It prepares shipment documentation, and streamlines document matching for Accounts Payable.

We offer:
·   Consultation      ·    Implementation
·    Process Review ·   Software customization   
·   System design and re-engineering ·   Integration with existing ERP or MRP systems
·    Implementation planning · Database loading
·    Software (chainView Suite) ·    Customer training
·    Hardware ·    Ongoing support
·   Computers (servers and client machines) ·   24x7 phone response
·   Bar code scanners ·   On-site and remote assistance
·   Radio frequency devices for data transmission/task direction ·   Data backup and retrieval
·   Printers

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Our services include consulting, software development, hardware, integration, installation, training, and support. Bar code readers, portable scanners.