Small Business Franchise Information and Resources

By: Wirth Business Credit  09-12-2011

Some entrepreneurs may begin their business with the intent of franchising their operations; other businesses may elect to franchise an existing business because it has been so successful. For franchisors, franchising is a means of equity financing in which the franchisor "sells off" expansion rights in the business. In return, the franchisor typically receives an initial franchise fee, service fees, equipment sale or lease fees, and royalties.

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Deterring Fraud

In the event that you run up against problems involving financial institutions, debt collection, credit reporting, identity theft, online scams or any of the multitude of ever-proliferating frauds and abuses, check out your state's consumer protection resources for a helping hand.


Employee Information for Small Businesses – Winmark Business Solutions

Employees with less than 50 employees may be exempt from these requirements if they would impose an undue hardship by causing significant difficulty or expense when considered in relation to the size, financial resources, nature or structure of the business.


Going Green

Not every type of material can be recycled; those materials most commonly recycled are aluminum, cardboard, glass, paper, plastics, and steel. Thus, old glass doesn't necessarily end up as new glass, and old plastics don't necessarily end up as new plastics. Recycling is defined as the process of converting used materials into new materials.


Government Contracts for Small Business

If it does not properly establish a competitive range the offerors improperly eliminated from the competitive range could file protests, the offerors could, in retrospect, revise or modify their offers to such an extent that their offers would have been the best value to the government. The government will, before discussions, establish a competitive range and document the decision and the rationale in a Pre-negotiation BCM.


Small Business Finance Resources and Tools

You can get a loan to buy that building and land at rates and terms more like a large corporation would pay. Do you dream about owning your own building, but balk at the high down payment your banker requires.


Starting a Small Business - Winmark Business Solutions

Even if we're not officially headed into a recession, prudent business owners will want to "storm proof" their businesses for the coming year. As you struggle to reduce costs, find new sources of revenue, and operate more efficiently, it's always good to remember some basics.


Insurance & Asset Protection - Winmark Business Solutions

If the transactions occur over a longer period, they are still considered related if the recipient business knows, or has reason to know, that each transaction is one of a series of connected transactions. Transactions occurring between the payor and the recipient business within 24 hours are considered related transactions.