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By: Winterhalter  09-12-2011

Snack bars, coffee shops and bistros offer a wide range of warm and cold dishes, as well as beverages, in the smallest of spaces. Winterhalter bistro dishwashers are the machines of choice for these types of establishment. That is because these all-round machines can get cutlery, glasses and dishes hygienically clean in one cycle.

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Glass washing specialist for brilliant results

With adjusted components for the wash process in particular, pressure, time, detergent and temperature - the UC Series guarantees always hygienically clean dishwashing results and conserves the glasses at the same time. Under counter glasswashers adjust each cycle to the requirements – such as type and degree of soiling, stability and glass decoration.


A fan of cleanliness, that offers a helping hand - dishwashing machine

Because the UC Series can adjust the factors affecting the dishwashing process – in particular pressure, time, detergent and temperatures – it guarantees perfect results every time and at the same time gives the ware / glasses gentle treatment. Under counter dishwashers adjust each cycle to the requirements, such as type and degree of soiling, and the various shapes of the dishes.