What Is a Usability Platform

By: Winshuttle  09-12-2011

Integrated usability platform

The Winshuttle Usability Platform™, now in its tenth release, is the industry’s only integrated approach for increasing the usability of ERP systems. It consists of a comprehensive family of software that enables customers to author, deploy, administer, and govern secure and compliant applications called Winshuttle Usability Assets™.

Customers can deploy Winshuttle Usability Assets through a variety of PC, web, and mobile applications and interfaces that users already know and use on a regular basis. Workers of all skill and experience levels can share Winshuttle Usability Assets, often with little training. The flexibility of the Usability Platform enables workers to simplify almost any ERP process and make it more flexible and efficient.

The Winshuttle Usability Platform provides a “no-programming” environment for IT and line-of-business ERP users to rapidly self-author reusable applications that accelerate ERP transactions. Best of all, customers can go live within days or weeks, and realize a faster ROI on their ERP system.

Other products and services from Winshuttle


Winshuttle Studio streamlines SAP business process development

Studio allows companies or departments to quickly create and implement forms—in Excel, Adobe Forms, InfoPath, browsers, or other familiar interfaces—to allow users to enter and change SAP data. It also streamlines batched SAP processes, such as mass record create or change.


SAP Usability Products From Winshuttle

Query makes ad-hoc reporting accessible to business users without compromising SAP security and performance. Update and create transactional and master data in SAP from Excel and Access without programming. Combine Transaction, Query, Forms, and Direct into one suite to reduce total cost of ownership.


Winshuttle Usability Platform | Choosing The Right SAP Solution

Any suggested usage then depends upon an individual company’s organizational structure and we recommend that our customers work with us or one of our partners to define the optimal combination of products. In some cases, a person in one company with a certain role may report to one department, but a person with the same role in another similar company may report to a different department.