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By: Winscribe  09-12-2011
Keywords: Business Analysis, Experienced Business Analysts

When it comes to getting the best results, the trick is to combine an excellent understanding of the capability of the technology being applied with good knowledge of the processes being improved. For this you need a proven approach from experienced professionals who understand how to quickly and efficiently identify the best way to automate your workflows. The Winscribe Services team of experienced business analysts provide a simple and logical approach for best results.

Business analysis

We offer a structured and phased approach; 

  • Discovery phase. This is where the most valuable processes to automate are identified and any available information about how those processes operate is gathered.
  • High Level Analysis phase. Where the processes are documented in their current form and as they are understood by your own people.
  • Improvements Analysis phase. Here improvements to the way things get done are identified and the value to you of implementing the improvements is quantified. The best changes to the process are proposed.
  • Detailed Analysis phase. At this point, you get to share any details that remain to be considered or discovered in relation to how the process works currently in your organisation. Business rules are checked and any technology integrations are considered.
  • Specifications phase. A workflow pattern prototype is created, considered and modified if necessary after which you sign off as the commencement of project delivery.

Keywords: Business Analysis, Experienced Business Analysts

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