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By: Windycamp  09-12-2011

WindyCamp helps renew, grow or optimize bottom lines with professional support for activity focused on strategic management, sales and operating performance, and team optimization. Specific project areas include:

Turnaround, Renewal and/or Re-Launch – Need help with creating a whole company or departmental plan? Setting targets? Making tough choices? Seeing the Forest for the trees? Need more hands and legs to get the job done? Our experience is available to you!

Strategic Visioning and Planning – Long term success requires a forward looking vision and a workable plan that will deliver it. Sometimes managers immersed in the day-to-day have challenges in switching from tactical to strategic thinking mode. We can help you define your mission, goals and strategic vision and how your business will get there. We can facilitate or lead your strategic planning process and help you convert words on paper to deliverable bottom line benefits.

Making Business Processes Effective and Efficient – Times change and so do the tools, methods and practices needed to run an efficient and successful business. WndyCamp can help you streamline your activity, cut the non-value added “stuff” and make you more cost effective.

Enterprise “Lean” – More than Just Manufacturing – Lean principles apply across the entire business to reduce or eliminate non value-added activities or activities that are more cost effectively done by others. We can help you achieve a total ‘lean” business that will be more effective at the bottom line.

Base-Lining and Modeling – Managers need to know where they’ve been before they know where they are going. Let us crunch, collate and make sense of your data for you while you focus on running the business.

Deployment of Effective Sales Strategies and Tactics – How well do you know your current and future markets? Your current and potential customer’s needs and trends? How well do you know what your competitors are doing and are you positioned to take advantage? As independent researchers experienced with industrial markets, we can open doors and get the answers you need in an increasingly competitive world.

Business Development and Growth – Are you targeting and achieving key goals according to a doable plan? Is your activity cost effective? WindyCamp can help define, monitor and deliver the development results you need.

Industrial Marketing Research and Support – Needing some help in shfitng from “what we’ve always done” to “what we need to do” in your sales group? Sales stalled and current plans not working? Is the competition out selling or just out hustling your team? Let us help you hit the new road running!

Improving Operational Efficiencies and Costs – A successful business must constantly improve its operating efficiencies and cost effectiveness. WindyCamp can help you by identifying opportunites for improvement and with plans to make it happen.

Right Sizing and Staff Optimization – The world changes and so do the needs of your business. Do you have the right people doing the right things at the right place and time? As a set of independent eyes, WindyCamp can support you through what are often very difficult decisions.

Team Design and Recruitment – As business needs change, so do the structures and skill sets needed to achieve success. Effective teams are designed and created and don’t just happen. Let WindyCamp help you ensure your future success.

Workgroup Development and Coaching – Are your workgroups running like a fine tuned watch or are you constantly distracted by non-value added behaviours? Or do your groups stall at decision time and action opportunities are missed? Let us help by faciltiating and coaching your teams to achieve a maximum level of effectiveness.

Interim Business Management – Need some additonal short to medium term management help without adding head count? WindyCamp can step in on a full or part time contract basis to get you over the hump.