Window Tools, Inc. makes it easy for homeowners to tilt their double-hung windows for cleaning

By: Window Tools  09-12-2011
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We're always looking for new ideas, and now we're proud to introduce our newest patented product, The Curtain Spreader! We'll be posting more on this helpful product soon. Since its introduction to the window industry in 1997, our Jamb Spreader tool has become well known in the industry as the tilting solution. In fact, several major have acknowledged The Jamb Spreader's effectiveness in assisting with sash tilting. All of our window dealer clients, as well, report that they and their customers are very pleased with the tool's effectiveness and ease-of-use (not to mention its ability to work with a range of window sizes). To learn how you can purchase The Jamb Spreader, please click .

Jamb Spreader Demonstration

Without The Jamb Spreader.
She’s trying to tilt the sash with all her might, but it won’t budge! That’s because the vinyl jambs interlock very tightly with the sash - good for thermal efficiency, but bad for tilting.

1) Using The Jamb Spreader.
The tool is set to the proper length, then placed diagonally between the vinyl jambs, just above the bottom sash.

2) It’s just a matter of leverage.

3) Voila!
Once The Jamb Spreader is holding the jambs apart, the sash can be pulled free with great ease.

4) Ready to wash.

Keywords: Jamb Spreader