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By: Windmill Aeration  09-12-2011
Keywords: tower, Aeration Systems, Windmill Aeration Systems


Product Specifications:
To ensure a top quality product, all Superior Windmill manufacturing is ISO 9002 certified.


    • Tower height is 12', 16', 20' and 24'
    • Stance of base is 62" for the 12' tower, 81" for the 16' tower, 100" for the 20' tower or 118" for the 20' tower
    • Research has shown that the winds are 20-30% stronger at the 20 ft height thus generating more oxygen for your pond


    • Upwind turbine is 65" in diameter


    • Fan blades, hub, tail and stand are manufactured from galvanized steel.
    • The hub assembly and compressor are pre-assembled and welded at the factory to assist with ease of installation and proper operation of the moving parts. A strong, pre-welded hub minimizes noise and vibration of all moving components of your windmill aeration system.


    • We use a direct drive system with a diaphragm stroke of 9/16" in the transmission adding to the superior performance of our windmill aeration systems
    • Extreme wind conditions and over-speed is controlled by the turbine furling out of the wind as required


    • Pump = 38 lbs
    • Blade = 47 lbs
    • Tower 12' = 193 lbs
    • Tower 20' = 271 lbs

    Performance Specifications:

    Volume of Air Produced:

    • Due to advanced construction of Superior Windmill Aeration systems they are able to operate in winds as low as 3 mph


Keywords: Aeration Systems, tower, Windmill Aeration Systems