By: Win Enterprises  09-12-2011

Design, Manufacturing and Extended Support


WIN Enterprises provides first-tier service and support to all our customers, regardless of size. We customize our standard reference designs based on the customer's technical requirements and budget. Our approach is consultative to arrive at best-fit solutions.

Our products are designed for long life. Our high-touch customer service and long-life product orientation results in long-term customer relationships.   

Range of WIN Enterprises Services

Supervise PCB AssemblyFulfillment
ManufacturingSoftware Integration
Material AcquisitionRepair Depot
Enclosures / Custom BezelsR&D / Design
Life-cycle ManagementBranding

Range of Services 

Once a prototype is completed to your satisfaction, WIN negotiates long-term supply agreements - thus ensuring your product will be available in quantities that meet your needs, no matter how big or small the order. We specialize in long-life designs and can produce entire product lines offered in various form factors. A library of proven core design modules is used to provide unsurpassed time to market.  

  • CPU expertise:  Intel Atom, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4, Pentium M, Celeron M, Xeon
  • Multi-core Processors
    • Multi-core Intel Xeon and Core 2 Duo Processors.   
    • The addition of an optional CPU card enables some WIN designs to support dual, dual- and quad-core processing for very intense applications. 
  • Chipset expertise:Intel® 5520 + ICH10R (Tylersburg-36D), BX, MX, 810/810e, 815/815e, 840, 845G, 855GM, E7500, E7501, E7520 ( Lindenhurst), VIA, Nvidia, and Serverworks
  • Windows and Linux expertise 
  • Product streamlining: Board Consolidation (combining several cards onto one SBC), Form Factor, Cost Analysis and Optimization. Elimination of components not needed by your solution
  • Firmware/BIOS modification
  • BIOS and Utilities: Award / Phoenix, General Software, and AMI, and others

Single Number Service

You may purchase a much or as little of our comprehensive services as you require. Because the entire gamut of services is delivered by a single vendor, problems are quickly resolved. A single vendor means you always know where to call: (978) 688-2000.