Roll-Tec™ Bottom Rolling Steel Aircraft Hangar Door

By: Wilson Doors  09-12-2011
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When the opening is oversized but the budget isn't.

For extremely wide openings where cost is critical, the Roll-Tec™ Bottom Rolling Steel Aircraft Hangar Door is the logical choice. The rolling design is specified for openings of almost limitless width, with your choice of panel configuration. Yet for smaller-to-mid-size hangar door openings, the Roll-Tec™ Bottom Rolling Steel Door is also a suitable alternative to the Premier Door. Unlike our competition, Wilson not only engineers our bottom rolling steel doors, we fabricate the doors as well. This oversight ensures from start to finish, your Roll-Tec™ Bottom Rolling Steel Aircraft Hangar Door is designed, produced and shipped on time and to exacting specifications.

Pre-construction engineering of Roll-Tec™ Bottom Rolling Steel Aircraft Doors

Pre-construction engineering eliminates the need for cumbersome and costly structural alterations and ensures smooth installation. Our Application Engineers work directly with your engineers to ensure building and door system compatibility.

Application-specific configuration of Roll-Tec™ Bottom Rolling Steel Aircraft Doors

You can choose from single-directional, bi-parting, tail or floating group styles to accommodate space constraints and other requirements.

Robust steel door construction seals against all weather, including hurricane force winds

With custom design for every door, Roll-Tec™ Bottom Rolling Steel Aircraft Hangar Doors can be specified to meet the most demanding codes for wind load. And each panel is fully weather stripped with brush seal and rubber-encased foam seals.

Simple door control - with Posi-Lock™, soft starts and soft stops

A simple three-button control box with Wilson's Posi-Lock™ door control allows for easy door operation and the ability to stop the door anywhere in its travel. And a standard AC-Drive allows for smooth door movement with soft starting and stopping to save wear and tear. Dual-drives in the lead panel assure efficient, positive operation without panel "jogging".

Features & Benefits of the Roll-Tec™ Bottom Rolling Steel Aircraft Door

Steel Construction

Doors are constructed of steel channel and cold-formed steel structural members. Modular bolt-together construction allows for a simple and straightforward installation.

Smooth and Powerful Dual Drive System

Standard AC-Drive provides for soft starting and stopping and smooth operation of the door. Each lead panel equipped with internal dual drive units.

Track and Trolley System

Heavy-duty upper track and trolley system helps guide and stabilize the door.

Continuous Traction System

Spring-loaded "pogos" on larger bottom rolling doors keep pressure on drive wheels for continuous traction.

Complete Weather Seal

Effective full-perimeter seal keeps aircraft hangar door weather tight and energy efficient.

Manual Release

Release mechanism allows for manual operation of the hangar door in the event of a power failure.

Steel Rollers

Bottom rollers are solid steel with tapered roller bearings for smooth travel.

Posi-Lock™ Lockable Positioning

Operator allows door to be stopped and positively locked at any time during the opening and closing sequence.

Three-Button Door Controller

Fully-automated door operation through convenient pushbutton control.

Foam-Covered Pick-Up Pads

Foam-covered pick-up pads eliminate "clanking" during opening and closing. High-density foam allows for gentle, smooth pick-up of each panel.

Festoon-type Power Supply

Simple festoon-type power supply cleanly and efficiently delivers power to the leading panels. Buss bar electrical system is also available.

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