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By: Willowcreek Stables  09-12-2011

Uncategorized « Welcome to Willowcreek Stables

In the last decade, there has been a strong movement towards partnering with horses to heal individuals who suffer from stress, disconnection and mental illness. It seems that the calibration of energy by the horse can actually help to uplift the spirits (energY) of their human counterparts.  Their gentle accepting nature helps to foster courage and a willingness to expand one’s view of the world.

It is not uncommonto hear a story of a hot high minded horse becoming completely placid and willing when in contact with a child who is calm, gentle and fearless because they simply don’t know any better. That same horse can come into contact with a seasons rider, who will see it’s physical language and know immediately that it will be a difficult mount.  The rider right away will gear his mind and body to the challenge, and of course the intuitive horse will respond in kind.  As riders, we are all aware of how our own energy effects our horses. The trick is in how to control it and communicate effectively with the horse, transcending the fear or frustration that we may be feeling.

The human horse bond has been illustrated through painting and literature literally since the beginning of human history.  Cave drawing show us the right away, humans understand the importance and magnificence of the equine.  The paintings discovered on cave walls as early as 30,000 years ago as seen in the cave painting named “Spotter Horse Panel”. Even in this primitive compilation, the pre-historic artist has taken the time to be very attentive to detail, almost reverantly representing this animal.  Even when the main benefit of the horse to man at the time was as a source of food, it is still represented in a   majestic fashion.  Society was built upon the backs of horses. Once the horse was no longer deemed useful as a work mate, it’s career as a sporting companion began.  Sadly, in our human attempt to compete and win, we have heaped decades of abuse and misunderstanding on our partners.  Our lack of respect for our environments and the creatures that live with us, has been clearly and sadly reflected in our abuse of this animal.

The horse built our society, and we showed it no mercy. It won at sports for us, and we showed it no understanding. And today, it is ironic that if we want to continue living as we do, but without the negligence and conflict, we will do well by simply studying the horse’s behaviour in its natural state.  Once again the horse  is an integral and important part of creating forward motion in human society.

By using these lessons,  you will find that your life becomes much less conflicted, your relationships develop smoothly, conflicts that do naturally occur, can be easily rectified, and you will find yourself perhaps enjoying your moments more, living in gratitude and confidence.  You can repay this wisdom.  Spend some time at a nearby ranch, a friend’s stable or in your own backyard if you’re lucky, and simply observe the communication.  They can be your greatest teacher, given a chance.

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New full day adult retreats invite participants to fully experience, explore and find inner balance through an intimate and unique interaction with horses in nature, allowing them to go back out into the world with a renewed sense of purpose, energy and direction. Willowcreek is opening its doors for two days to provide individuals with a unique opportunity to relate themselves to their natural environment on a whole new level.