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By: Widowed  09-12-2011

I was reminded this weekend, of the comparison between the grieving process and labour. Both have stages, landmarks of sorts to a destination.

As a doula, I prepare couples for what to expect during labour and delivery. No matter how much I “tell” them what to anticipate, there is no amount of preparing for the “real” intense experience. What is taught in preparation is based on “textbook” cases; what is experienced is our perception of the “stages” given ..


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Quick relationships, quick marriages, divorces, only to land in the same position alone, but this time emotionally scarred and with major financial impact. Is it worth the effort since the consequences of failure are high for me personally and for my relationship with my .. I have heard so many horrors stories about what has happened to some men after their spouse’s have passed away. Should I be satisfied my life as it is now.


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Your memories will never leave you and there will be days that you will say; “If he knew what I was doing, he would be upset” or “If she could see me now, she would be laughing till she cried.. A lot of traditions are no longer possible when a loved one dies. Let the memories flow to give you courage to move forward.