By: Whypanama  09-12-2011

  • Canada Embassy – their phone number here in Panama is 507-264-9731
    PanCanada is the Panama Canada Chamber of Commerce 507-223-6788

  • Continental & Copa Airlines – this is who we use now for travel.

  • Wellmed Clinic is where we had to go for our health insurance tests. Dr. Jorge Rodriquez is wonderful, speaks English. They also are set up for stress tests.

  • Laboratorio Clinio Fernandez is the lab for blood work and all those other labs.

  • Optica Sosa y Arrango S.A. is where I got Tom’s replacement lenses for his sunglasses and where I will go for my progressive glasses. They are in Punta Pacifica.

  • Pets & Animals is where I take Cricket for her haircuts. Those cost 8.00 and if you want a flea and tick bath, those cost 8.00 as well. I do have shampoo at home that I use that is for fleas and ticks. She also takes a heart pill for heart worms and we use a liquid on her coat for fleas and ticks. These are things you must do living here where the temperatures are always high. The vet at our Costa del Este store, Dr. Frank, has a huge heart for pets and have helped us with treating strays in our area.

  • Creative Hair Design is where I get my hair cut out here in Costa del Este. Violet charges 8.00 for a haircut.

  • Studio siete is where we get our business cards made, very reasonable!

  • Panafoto and Multimax are where we bought our small appliances and tv’s.

  • Mailboxes Etc is where you want to set up your mail delivery – they do not have mail delivery here in Panama, so we have a mailbox in Miami and they send out mail out here where we pick it up. They also email you to let you know you have mail. Great service.

  • I get two magazines here, ABC Living and Vivir Bien – both Spanish and English and keeps you up to date. There is also another magazine called the Panama Planner, your guide to travel in Panama that is well worth getting. Not too much here in English and no newspapers in English except for one called The Visitor which you can pick up at hotels etc. Full of good information on what is happening in and around.

  • IDAAN is who we get our water bill through

  • Our internet is from great wireless service in Panama City (and maybe soon in the Caribbean, if we can convince Roman there is an audience. We use PaNETma as one of our two internet providers in our office as well. Compared to the local providers, PaNETma is attentive and responsive - not the cheapest but reliable and friendly

  • We usedto use Direct tv for satellite then we used SKY as we found out Sky bought Direct when they cut off our services and offered us "more" (useless) channels for 60% more money - our recommendation - DO NOT USE SKY - we are moved to CableOnda - the local cable company - didn't chose them initially as Direct had more English content - now i don't care - ANYTHING BUT SKY - they have to be the single worst company for customer service I've ever had the DISpleasure to deal with. We are in the process of seeing if we can use the Internet exclusively for our tv and movie needs and remove all the cable company costs

  • ENSA (used to be called Electra) is our electricity company

  • Rosetta Stone is the Spanish program that Tom is using

  • We bought three cell phones so each one of us has one (and one for our guests while they are in Panama) and we just buy minutes for them as we need them. We use both Movistar & Cable & Wireless for our cell phones on pay as you go plans.

  • Optica Lopez - if you need eye glasses you have to check this company out - Donna just got two new pairs of glasses with her progressive prescription and one was even done with a transitional lens - and one fram was $40 the other a whopping $120 - and the total bill for both $400 - the service was excellent - delivered on time and as agreed - no issues - how great

  • The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011