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By: Wholistically Speaking  09-12-2011

I offer little known Natural Healing workshops based precisely on the works of the late

Rev. Hanna Kroeger, traditional Jikiden Reiki International Certification trainings plus a unique array of
personally selected and tested by myself products for personal and home use to maintain the health and
spiritual integrity of those who seek to keep their health and individual sovereignty while the Earth is in
transition and Ascension.

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  • I never spam…….women get this,  there is no time. Or join me in the Sharon Salon for current trainings available for you, your family and friends.

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Wholistically Speaking - Specializing in health and wellness for families - services

Physicians are superb at making diagnoses.In acute illnesses conventional medicine may save your life.Do not throw away your doctor. Individual cleansing programs for Candida, GI infections, allergies, all chronic and congestive body failure. The clinical non-invasive testing that they can provide are invaluable tools in seeing beyond the symptoms. Pre and post vaccination protection and detoxification.