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By: Wholistically Speaking  09-12-2011
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You must always start with conventional medicine. Physicians are superb at making diagnoses.
In acute illnesses conventional medicine may save your life.
Do not throw away your doctor. The clinical non-invasive testing that they can provide are invaluable tools in seeing beyond the symptoms

To work successfully with me:

You must be practical and open minded with a burning desire to persevere. You must be open to new ways of thinking and unique ways of applying them.

The strategies I employ are a blend of ancient wisdom ways and the science of European drainage homeopathy, along with Bio Feedback support. Diet and nutrition are inclusive as all physical disease starts in the mouth.

I will advise you, teach you and support you. I will ask that you begin to eliminate the dross in your life and bring forward more focus on yourself and who you are as a physical, spiritual being.

Detailed assessment profiles and health building programs determined using energetic
and technological analysis.

Examples Only! Every situation is unique.

  • Individual cleansing programs for Candida, GI infections, allergies, all chronic and congestive body failure.
  • ADD IADHD I autism detoxification and diet guidelines.
  • Pre and post vaccination protection and detoxification.
  • Pre and post natal protocols.
  • Post traumatic stress vitamin and mineral support.
  • Mercury removal protection and periodontal support
  • Specialized European clinical homeopathics, botanicals, tissue cell salts, oligotherapy.
  • In Person Consulting: for chronic or acute situations
  • Initial visit: one up two hours $125.00 hour.
  • Follow up visit: $ 95.00 hour.
  • Individualized program design for a one month period. $95.00.
  • Video Consulting using Skype or Mac Ichat $115.00 hour.
  • Ideal for the on the go or out of town person looking for initial contact and understanding
    of their situation with immediate suggestions and support so that they may begin for themselves initial changes to improve their condition.
  • Bioresonance Bio Feedback session $80 / 75 minutes.
  • Jikiden Japanese Reiki for physical and psychological imbalances $80.00 hour.
  • Distant Jikiden Reiki session $45 / 30 minutes.
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Keywords: Physicians

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Wholistically Speaking - Specializing in health and wellness for families - solutions

Rev. Hanna Kroeger, traditional Jikiden Reiki International Certification trainings plus a unique array of personally selected and tested by myself products for personal and home use to maintain the health and spiritual integrity of those who seek to keep their health and individual sovereignty while the Earth is in transition and Ascension. I offer little known Natural Healing workshops based precisely on the works of the late.