Carpet Roamer®, Sprayers, Brushes, Side Edge Cleaning Tool

By: Whittaker System  09-12-2011

LOMAC® Electric 2-Gallon Applicator

Evenly spray CRYSTAL DRY


solution directly in front of the LOMAC


Machine as it moves, saving time spent spraying and increasing productivity by 100%. This promotes even distribution and minimizes waste of solution. The pump unit fits on the front of the machine without tools, and a control handle ensures precise application. The two-gallon Ergo Tank is positioned to keep the solution weight as low and "light in the hand" as possible. Translucent construction with large marine-grade lid allows for easy filling and viewing of liquid level.

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Whittaker Co. | SmartCare® Carpet System Product Support

Learn about your equipment and the four cornerstones of carpet maintenance with Whittaker's webinars and that includes setup. Machines and equipment may be returned to the factory for refurbishing, preventative maintenance or general repair work. As Whittaker's customer, you also gain personalized customer service and access to carpet maintenance experts.


Counter-Rotating Twin Cylindrical Brush Machines

Each Whittaker LOMAC® Machine utilizes twin-cylindrical brushes rotating at 480 rpm to agitate the CRYSTAL® chemistry and lift pile. A variety of brushes may be placed on the machine in less than 30 seconds without any tools. It requires no more training or operator effort than a commercial upright vacuum. Whittaker LOMAC® 20" Agitator Provides 20 " of cleaning and pile-lifting width.


SmartCare® Carpet Interim Maintenance Systems

15" LOMAC® Machinefive cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRATwo extra brushesTwo-gallon electric applicatorCARPET ROAMER® Spotting ToolOne case of CRYSTAL SPOTTER. 20" LOMAC® MachineFive cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRATwo-gallon manual sprayerCARPET ROAMER® Spotting ToolOne case of CRYSTAL SPOTTER. Ft./hr An economical option for medium to large-sized facilities with fewer obstructed areas.


Crystal Dry® Encapsulating Carpet Cleaning Agent

CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA cleaning agent combines unique crystallizing polymers with effective detergent components, creating a perfect blend to emulsify embedded soils and encapsulate them for vacuum recovery. CRYSTAL DRY® cleaning agent is portion-controlled to provide consistent dilution for consistent cleaning as well as cost savings through waste elimination.