White City - Town of White City Bylaw Registery

By: White City  09-12-2011

Bylaw   No. Description
Swimming Pools;to regulate the Operation of
All Terrain Vehicles: Operation of
Snowmobiles: Operation of
Noise Bylaw: To Control & Regulate
Ditch Maintenance Agreement
363-02 Business Licenses
Noise Bylaw, Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 224-96
Building Bylaw
Prohibit the Discharge of Guns or Firearms Within the Town Limits
Control Dangerous Dogs
Nuisance Abatement Bylaw
Public Notice Policy
To Prevent the Encumbrance of Roads, Road Allowances, Street, Lanes, Buffer Strips or Public Reserve 
Zoning Bylaw
Council Procedure Bylaw
Regulate & Control the Use of Consumption of Water from Municipalities Water Works System
Fire Prevention & Burning Bylaw
Curfew Bylaw
Sewer Charges 
Declaration and Termination of Emergency
Water Usage Rates
License and Prohibit the Running at Large of Dogs
554-11 Operation of ATVs Bylaw