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By: Whidbey Naturopathic  09-12-2011
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As naturopathic physicians, we are fully trained in all areas of primary care for all age groups from infants up through seniors. Just like primary-care allopathic doctors, we act as “gatekeeper physicians” seeing people for annual physical exams, non-emergency illnesses, and routine health issues. We collect a thorough medical history, examine our patients carefully, and order lab tests if needed. We refer our patients to other medical specialists when necessary.

We believe there are many advantages to using a naturopathic physician as your primary-care doctor. Among the most important of these is that we offer longer appointment times. Generally, we spend at least half an hour with our full attention on a patient in order to make sure that all aspects of his or her health condition along with all concerns and questions are addressed.

Another extremely valuable advantage to seeing a naturopathic physician is the emphasis we place on the patient attaining full wellness and the prevention of health problems in the future. As well as addressing specific health complaints, we encourage all the positive things a patient can do to be well with optimal health, happiness, physical fitness, and mental balance. In addition, we consider your family and personal health history and educate you on how best to prevent familial diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Lastly, we feel that it is important to work with our patients as a team. We make sure that you understand your health plan. We present all treatment options to our patients, both naturopathic and allopathic, consider the risks and benefits of each, and allow you to make a decision for yourself. We then consider any difficulties you may have in implementing the plan, and help you to find a way to make the plan work for you.

Please note that, at this time in Washington state, naturopathic physicians do not hold hospital privileges. If you have insurance, both Dr. Rogers and Dr. Capsey strongly encourage you to also maintain a relationship with a practitioner credentialed with your insurance carrier and with hospital admitting privileges, such as an MD, DO, or Nurse Practitioner. We have relationships with other area physicians with hospital privileges but these cannot be guaranteed due to vacations, insurance incompatibilities, etc. Patients needing urgent care in these situations will be admitted to a hospital through the emergency room.

Many patients have a traditional MD or DO as their primary care physician and elect to use a naturopathic doctor as a specialist for a certain medical condition that has not responded to conventional treatments. Some patients want medical advice from a naturopathic perspective. We are happy to provide naturopathic specialty care and will work in coordination with your primary care practitioner. Because many HMO insurance companies will require that you have a referral to a naturopathic physician from your primary care MD, it is a good idea to always check with your insurance carrier before self -referring.

We provide the service of annual exams: PAP smears, breast exams and STD testing, referral for mammography testing, pelvic ultrasound, bone density testing, and pregnancy care. In addition, we specialize in the natural treatment of many common women’s health disorders, such as PMS, menopause, hypothyroidism, migraines, fibrocystic breasts, fibroids (depending on size), and ovarian cysts.

Dr. Capsey regularly sees children for Well Child exams and specializes in natural care for minor childhood illnesses such as colds and flu, environmental and food allergies, and suspected behavioral problems. We refer out if parents desire vaccinations.

We perform routine physical exam and labs for sports physicals, employment physicals or drug testing.

Natural medicine has much to offer those who seek to slow the aging process. Our physicians are knowledgeable regarding anti-oxidant therapies, skin treatments, cancer and cardiovascular prevention programs and hormone optimization including natural bio-identical hormone replacement. We also have natural alternatives to increase and maintain sexual drive.

Our physicians can set you on a natural and comprehensive weight loss program that addresses all facets of burning fat through diet: good and bad carbohydrate and fat distinction and control, optimizing metabolism and fuel efficiency, controlling hunger and impulse eating. Proper and adequate exercise is an integral part of any weight loss program and is often difficult for those who are out of condition. A personal trainer can provide valuable assistance with this aspect of weight loss. Carefully chosen supplements are added to your personal program to control hunger, optimize blood sugar, decrease conversion of sugars to fats, and stimulate metabolism without causing increased cardiovascular risk.

Dr. Rogers offers mesotherapy for cellulite removal. His other aesthetic specialty is lipotherapy for spot fat reduction. Areas that can be treated include double chins, tired puffy eyes, nasal/ cheek creases, abdomen, “love handles,” backs, buttocks, thighs, and arms.

Please note that lipotherapy is not intended as a weight loss program and is only available for people with 30% or less body fat. Many of our patients first decide to follow our weight loss program and then become eligible for spot fat reduction with lipotherapy.

We provide cancer patients with natural treatment protocols for cancer care support. For example, botanical programs can be used to increase the efficacy of chemotherapy, to decrease side effects of radiation or chemotherapy, to prevent nausea or gastrointestinal irritation. High dose intravenous Vitamin C can prolong survival times and improve treatment outcomes.

We can also test for cancer screening markers and create customized natural cancer prevention protocols tailored specifically for each patient.

Keywords: Cancer, Exams, Naturopathic Physicians, Primary Care, Weight Loss

Other products and services from Whidbey Naturopathic


Chelation Therapy

There is a growing body of empirical evidence that EDTA chelation therapy is effective in treating cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, pre-stroke thrombosis, coronary artery disease, angina, and peripheral vascular insufficiency. Chelation therapy is the removal of heavy metals from the body by using an agent to attract an ion of metal, inactivate it, and then remove it from the body.


Bio-Identical Hormones

Using bio-identical progesterone can help to correct the ratio of estrogen to progesterone, thus decreasing symptoms of estrogen dominance such as irritability, mood swings, headaches, breast tenderness, and heavy bleeding. The term “natural” is everywhere in our society today as the demand for natural foods, pharmaceuticals, home products, and skin care products continues to rise.



If your BMI is higher, the results of the lipotherapy will not be sufficient to produce the desired visual results. Phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate are injected into the areas where you want fat reduction. The number of injections required depends on the thickness of the fat layer and individual response. The fatty acids are then slowly reabsorbed and flushed from the body over a period of weeks.


Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment

In addition, mesotherapy cellulite treatment is not for hemophiliacs, patients on blood thinning medications, insulin-dependent diabetics, those with severe hypertension or cardiac problems, HIV, kidney disease, allergies to injectable substances, a debilitating disease, or those otherwise deemed unsuitable by the treating physician.


Whidbey Island Naturopathic's Therapeutic Modalities

This method has advantages over traditional oral delivery of medications when there are issues of poor gastric absorption, intestinal absorptive limitations, or problems with medication effectiveness because of pre-metabolism of the liver when orally absorbed. Delivering vitamins, minerals, accessory nutrients and/or chelating agents directly into the bloodstream is known as intravenous nutrition therapy.


Botanical Medicine

There is also an increasing respect for indigenous herbal medicine as research has shown that many of the plants used contain substances that are as effective as pharmaceuticals. Our knowledge of botanical medicine is currently expanding at an exponential rate because of this relatively new ability to access plants and knowledge from around the world.