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Our belief is simple. Give the body the nutrients it needs, clear away the waste, and allow your body to manage its resouces.

The Importance of Digestive Enzymes
Because of genetics, diet, lifestyle, processed foods, and toxic environment, we are all at risk for compromised digestion. This often leads to weakened immune function, fatigue, hormone imbalance, digestive disorders, and disease. A healthy diet and lifestyle, along with supplemental digestive enzymes, is key in preventing and correcting conditions poor lifestyle choices and aging bring us. Digestive enzymes are the catlaysts which allow us to break down foods into absorbable nutritients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. Once these nutrients are liberated, enzymes again play a vital role in escorting them to the cells and tissues for utilization. Therefore, without proper enzyme functioning, such nutrients are useless to our bodies. By taking supplemental enzymes, the body is ensured that it will get the necessary nutrition it needs for optimal health and transformation.

Optimal Digestion
Optimal digestion results in nutrient availability, delivery and absorption for cellular function and repair. Do you feel bad every time you eat? Do you suffer any of these common digestive disorders ?

  • Indigestion or acid reflux?
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Lactose or gluten intolerance?
  • Nagging food allergies?

Our efficient formulations provide the specific enzymes needed to help digest the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats most common to the human diet. Get the nutrients from the food you eat to your cells in a recognizable and usable form! Genetics, stressful lifestyles, poor diet, processed foods, prescription drugs and the environment all influence your digestion on a daily basis. You can no longer assume eating a healthy diet will result in good nutrition. Digestive enzymes taken with meals promotes optimal digestion, nutrient availability and cellular health. Enjoy the health benefits of digestion without discomfort, maximum metabolism and energy production, a stronger immune system and reduced food intolerances and allergies. Digestive enzyme not only take the stress off of the digestive organs it also reduces oxidative stress which may lessen pre-mature aging. Deliver nutrients to the cell and that nutrition is the foundation of your wellness!

Optimal Circulation & Immunity

Optimal circulation and immunity results in complete delivery of nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, enhancing its ability to defend and detoxify itself on a regular basis. Are you at risk for:

  • Evaluated blood pressure?
  • Inflammatory condition like arthritis or allergies?
  • A weakened immune system or have recurrent infections?
  • Toxicity or chemical sensitivities?

Our therapeutic blends of highly active proteolyic enzymes are designed to help promote circulation, immune modulation, and detoxification. Proteolyic enzymes provide systemic benefits to the circulatory system, the immune system, and the detoxifying organs. Proteolyic enzymes may help reduce and control chronic inflammation, the underlying cause of most degenerative diseases. By taking proteolyic enzymes between meals you are providing proactive support to your body's natural recovery and healing process. Proteloyic enzymes are essential to your wellness program!

Optimal Intestinal Health

Optimal intestinal health results in complete digestion, production of vital nutrients and elimination of food waste. Have you taken antibiotics and suffered from intestinal imbalances that caused embarrassing discomfort such as:

  • Gas and bloating?
  • Painful cramping or bleeding?
  • Constipation and/or diarrhea?
  • Lactose intolerance?

Our specific blend of friendly microorganisms normally found in the GI tract is designed to stabalize and maintain a healthy intestinal environment. Probiotics replaces the flora in your GI tract that often becomes depleted by antibiotic use or imbalanced by poor diet choices. Further complications can arise when the opportunisitic microorganisms feed off of undigested food, creating gas, and releasing toxic waste into the bloodstream. A good probiotic must be acid stable and survive the GI tract to become live cultures, colonizing and providing health benefits to the human host. Taken at bedtime probiotics will help maintain the beneficial bacteria in your GI tract benefiting digestion, immunity and elimination

Keywords: Diet, Enzymes

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Some of the health problems that can be helped by Enzyme Therapy are eczema, diabetes, gerd, gall bladder disorder, chronic allergies, high cholestrol, arthritis, high blood pressure, digestion disorder etc. It is a holistic approach to deal with the underlying causeof health problems and a natural way towards optimal good health. Enzyme Therapy is a form of NATURAL.