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Services - Procedure

When we receive an item from someone to blast, we look it over for dents and weak points, rust, special instructions from the customer. If the item needs a handle, cap, etc. masked off, we do so then. All manufacture tags, marking on seals, price tags have to be removed. We put it in the blaster, always blasting the underside, or bottom first to see how it will react to the beads and pressure.

Some items need to be blasted at high pressure, while some of the more expensive pieces or thin metals need to be blasted at low pressure. When blasting has been complete, we check the item over for any missed spots and wipe clean of dust and beads which may stick. When clean, we spray our self-etch primer on underside first, dry and then apply to top of piece. We double check the item for full coverage, respraying if needed. We let stand for 2 days approx. to allow the primer to age. Then we pack in bubblewrap and return to customer.

Cost for preparation varies depending on the surface and its condition. Pieces that are clean and free from rust will take less time than a piece that is painted, or has evidence of rust. Please consider the condition of your painting surface. On occasion, to remove the rust from the surface, the bead blasting can break through metal, and we cannot be responsible for damage.The Best part of this process is the hunt for your next family heirloom!! Never look at any thing for what it looks like now, but what it can look like after you and I are finished with it. Look at the shape, the angle, the detail, and the size, what it can be! Do you have an old family heirloom you are tired of polishing? Let me blast it for you, and you can make it a new family heirloom! With the steps we use in blasting and prepping your painting surfaces, you will have a beautiful and durable base to start your project.Procedure: Please use the downloadable forms at the bottom of this page.   Please keep a copy for your records.  Please note any special instructions. If the piece has a small dent, or dimple, please note if you would like us to repair, if possible. The inside of a surface, such as a coffee pot or sugar. is easy to blast, but difficult to paint. If left like is, you can still use it for serving. If you do not wish to have the handle, or other parts on your piece prepped, they should be taped off well with masking tape. Shipping, Items need to be dry before shipping. They will be wrapped properly and returned to you. Shipping will be regular Postal Service or ground DHL, unless otherwise specified. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for receiving, blasting, prepping and returning pieces. Please let us know if you require a shorter time frame on a special project.Debbie Carrell

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