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By: Westney Landscaping  09-12-2011
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Bronze Plan

The spring cleaning package.
We will come to your home with all the necessary tools to perform this task, including the necessary de-chlorinator, eco blast, bacteria and know how. While we are there we will also take the time to give your pond a thorough going over. We will look for any possible problems and restack any and all rocks which may have moved due to winter ice or other causes. Then power wash and rinse your pond before refilling. We will also take the best possible care of your fish during this time. Please let us know how many to expect. We will also check your feature lighting system and make any repairs or replacements necessary, however the cost of any replacement components is not included in this price and will be an extra.

Silver Plan

The Pre and Post winter workout.
The ‘pre’ winter part is the late autumn task of winterizing. For this, we come to your water garden and go through the procedures of preparing the pond for winter. Although we will at this time install, we do not supply, any extra hardware needed for this purpose. All of our water features are designed to run all winter without further hardware. Of course there are other ways to overwinter (see owner’s manual), if you chose one of these and would like our help then a separate price for any extra time and or equipment required will have to be added to this price.

Gold Plan

The Doctor is IN.
This package includes the Silver Plan. As well, we will make 6 monthly visits to inspect and treat any problems which can be solved with normal maintenance procedures. This includes the application of SAB or AQUA CLEAR as needed. Also any pruning of water garden plants as needed. We will also perform checks on underwater lights and make bulb replacements at this time (bulb not included).

Platinum Plan

We’ve Got You Covered.
This is it. For those of our customers that are too busy to do any maintenance at all, we offer the “everything plan”. The Gold Package plus weekly visits. We will supply any and all maintenance required, including all additives and anything else that may be needed. This package covers the whole year including winter! It doesn’t get any better than this.

Non Plan Maintenance & Emergency Service

As our pond family continues to grow, demands on our time continue to increase. We will still continue to assist in any way possible by phone or e-mail at no charge to our valued customers, don’t forget about the message board on our web page. We hope that with your help this will become a great tool of support and fun for all. In past we have found that most problems can be solved this way. We continue to encourage our friends to refer to the owner’s manual provided to solve most problems. If we can’t solve the problem this way we will have to charge for problem solving and or unscheduled maintenance visits. It is important to note that although we are expert pond builders, we are not veterinarians and can only offer anecdotal and experiential advice on fish health issues. To this end we will continue to offer educational opportunities for our customers and ourselves at every opportunity.

For non scheduled and emergency service (consultations or maintenance) --- $65 service chg. + $50/hr. as well as any materials required to solve the problem.

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Keywords: Pond, Water Features, water garden