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By: Westerman Companies  09-12-2011
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Our Wooster Tool & Supply Subsidiary is the premier producer of oil and gas separators, gas production units and oil and gas drips. Our Steel Fabrication Division is a leading source of atmospheric tanks, including API storage tanks, as well as frac tanks, heater treaters, and gun barrels.

Among our strengths are the broad scope of turnkey operations we provide the oil and gas production industry; our quick turnaround on custom orders, and—despite the rapidness of our response to customer needs—our ability to deliver defect-free products of outstanding quality at aggressively competitive prices.

Reflecting our commitment to meet customers' wide-ranging specifications, our customization capabilities range from low-pressure/low volume and high-pressure/high volume valve and piping configurations to bypasses and safety enhancements.

In addition to meeting industry and ISO 9001:2000 quality system requirements, we hold the following quality certificates:

ASME "U" Stamp—for the manufacture of pressure vessels.

National Board "NB" Stamp—applied to all "U" stamped vessels registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

National Board "R" Stamp—for the repair and alteration of boilers and pressure vessels.

API 12F—for atmospheric storage tanks.

Atmospheric storage tanks

We produce tanks for storage of crude oil and/or brine salt water, in the following capacities: 5, 7, 12, 25, 30, 50, 100, 115, 140, 210, 289, 300, 400 and 500 barrels.

We manufacture either to the Appalachian Basin Standard or to American Petroleum Institute 12F specifications.

There are many different types of internal linings available for corrosion protection. Although our standard for the exterior is primer, we will customize.

Our tanks are delivered via Westerman truck/trailer to well site or customer yard.

In the Appalachian Basin we have a standard fitting location; however, custom storage tanks are available.

In addition to tanks, we supply stairways, walkways and platforms, which can be manufactured to OSHA requirements if necessary.

Frac tanks

These store fresh water used in the down hole fracturing process to extract oil or gas from sand or other permeable formations. We make frac tanks in 100, 200, 250 and 300 barrel sizes.



Gun barrels

Used for atmospheric oil and water separation, gun barrels are ideal for working conditions where no heat is required for separation. We manufacture them in sizes/ capacities ranging from 4'x 12' (34 bbl) through 10'x 20'(280 bbl).

Heat treaters

These are used for gas, water and oil separation when low pressure high fluid volume are required. We manufacture them to ASME requirements in sizes 4'x 12', 4'x 20' and 5'x 20'.

Gas manual drips and fluid shutoff drips

Wooster Tool & Supply hosts a variety of gas drips to meet customer needs. These drips range from 6" through 16" diameters, with pressure ranges from 250 psi to 1440 psi. Standard drips have 2" npt connections and can be of either a manual drip or a more popular fluid shutoff design, which contains a float valve that shuts the gas flow off when the drip fills with fluid. This type of valve acts as a safety buffer. If there's a malfunction and the separator fills with fluid, the shutoff in the drip will stop the flow, thus preventing fluid from flooding downstream piping.



Standard two inch shutoff assembly

Vertical and horizontal separators

Our vertical gas and oil separators have proven themselves in service since 1909, when Westerman began the manufacture of these vessels.

Standard separators—24" in diameter by 5 feet high and 7 feet high with a MAWP of 250 Psi—are manufactured on a daily basis to insure a good inventory for prompt delivery to supply stores in truckload quantities. We also manufacture these units with a with a 500 psi MAWP.

Custom vessels from 16" to 48" diameters, up to 10' high are also available from Westerman's Bremen facility.

Demand is increasing for our three-phase separators, which not only perform gas and fluid separation but also remove free water from the oil. It's more cost-effective and less labor-intensive to process gas, oil and water separately. Since less energy is required, back pressure can be lowered for greater well production. In addition, removing corrosive water generated in the process reduces damage to equipment.

For easier and more economical installation, we offer turnkey skid-mounted vertical units that incorporate all the necessary equipment, such as vessel, drip, meter run, meter house and any valves and controls per customer specifications. These units can be shipped in truckload quantities—8-10 units per semi truckload, 6 per tiltbed truckload.


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