Wes Bergen - Database and Information Services

By: Wes Bergen  09-12-2011

Designing and developing custom databases

A professionally designed custom database can meet your specific requirements more exactly and be more user-friendly than an off-the-shelf application. Databases designed in Microsoft Access are powerful, versatile, and can be used in a stand-alone or networked, multi-user environment. Our databases are open-coded and programmed in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and SQL (Structured Query Language).

Modifying existing databases

Changing business practices and scope may necessitate expansion or revisions to your existing database. Sometimes a poorly designed or non-professionally modified database may need major revisions to restore functionality or permit further modification.

Data conversion

If you currently have an existing database or structured list of information in another application or format, we can usually convert it and import it into a new or existing Access database, thereby saving a great deal of data entry time.

Creating reports

Comprehensive reporting is the cornerstone to effective decision making, as well as a medium for the distribution of information. Reports can consist of standard printed lists of data, charts and graphs, form letters and mailing labels, or even income tax receipts.

Automated importing/exporting of data

Many databases rely on the regular importing of data, e.g.: weekly sales details. An efficient importing routine can automate this task.

Instruction and training

As well as providing training and documentation for your specific database, Wes is qualified and experienced in providing general classroom or tutorial style instruction in MS Access or MS Excel.

“Bergen Information Services has been crucial to the development of our cruise ship onboard accounting system. Wes has fine-tuned the database over the last few seasons, improving its ease and efficiency of use. This has enabled us to dramatically reduce the time necessary to manage the accounting onboard the ship, allowing our purser more time to devote to direct customer service.”