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By: Welbanks  09-12-2011

Home buy­ers ben­e­fit in many ways by using an inde­pen­dent mort­gage bro­ker who is not tied to any one finan­cial insti­tu­tion. The major ben­e­fit is that an inde­pen­dent mort­gage bro­ker works only in the best inter­ests of the client. Meet­ing the buy­ers needs is the absolute mea­sure of a suc­cess busi­ness such as Wel­banks Group? And using the ser­vices of a mort­gage bro­ker costs noth­ing in the vast major­ity of cases because lend­ing insti­tu­tions pay for the mort­gage broker’s services.

There are over 40 major lend­ing insti­tu­tions in Canada — Cana­dian banks, credit unions, trust com­pa­nies, finance com­pa­nies and indi­vid­ual pri­vate lenders — who ben­e­fit this way. More inde­pen­dent bro­kers mean less inside mort­gage sales rep­re­sen­ta­tives at the lend­ing insti­tu­tions. The result­ing sav­ings are passed down through the inde­pen­dent bro­kers to their cus­tomers. These insti­tu­tions bid on the busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties Lee brings them, result­ing in the low­est avail­able mort­gage rate at the time of closing.

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If you’re giv­ing some thought to a large ren­o­va­tion project, or want to reduce the stress of many credit card bills, then it’s def­i­nitely time you had a con­ver­sa­tion with Lee and he’ll review the var­i­ous fac­tors to con­sider when mak­ing these deci­sions and help you come up with a strat­egy you can be happy with.


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