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By: Weibridge Networks  09-12-2011

Weibridge FDFR (Face Dectection Face Recognition) is an application based on artificial intelligence that detects and records human faces via video stream. FDFR catalogs all human face events into a centralized database. FDFR Event Search - helps you obtain: face images, detection times, and entire human images. Facial recognition is able to leverage existing databases in many cases. FDRR collects face images, detection times and “entire human” (full body) images — then catalogs all human face events into a centralized database. Using the LineUp Event Search, you can enter a suspect image into the system — and instantly search through a time-based history of every possible match.  


The applications that emerge from each of the features are numerous from practical uses in customer care to significant assistance in the enhancement of public safety and security. Significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness are possible using:• White lists: confirming identity of individuals with authorized access• Black lists: a list of unwanted and banned suspects that may assist in improving public safety

• VIP lists:  a list of important people that may insist on being treated with care• Banking transactions: verification of the persons attempting a financial transaction• Entry and Exit verification: ensuring people who enter in a vehicle leave in vehicle are one and the same• Ownership verification: tag items to face• Mustering: keep a tally of who is in and who is out.

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The intelligent video surveillance systems provided by Weibridge are designed to meet the growing demand to easily monitor and secure areas with security cameras. Our products include H.264 video encoders with built-in powerful video analytics, server based biometric solution and centralized network management system.