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Aquatic Screening Do It Yourself Kit – $399

Includes Approx. 670 sq ft of Weeds B Gone Screen. 3 Sections 8ft wide x 28ft long.

Includes all materials for installation. Screen comes with pockets sewn in every 4 ft Thermally sealed  poly tubes for each pocket just add sand (sand not included a total of approx 3 bags all purpose sand required to do complete kit approx. cost $5/bag can be purchased at local hardware store.)  Funnel to fill sand tubes  & instructions.

Aquatic Weed Cutter 33cc gas powered underwater weed cutter – $359

Cuts down approx as far as 4ft. 1 Year Warranty.

Product name: Aquatic weed cutter

Product Make: Santai

Start method: Recoil starting

Engine power:0.75kw/7500r/min
Engine type: Air-cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder gasoline
Engine Displacement: 33cc
Carburetor: Diaphragm type
2-Cycle oil/gasoline mixing ration: 25:1
Fuel tank capacity: 0.75L
Grease volume: 135mm³
Pipe diameter: 26mm
Sponge Damping or Rubber Damping
Length of working pipe: 1.67m
Length of trimmer head: 0.7m (Blade length: 18”)
Maximum length: 2.5m
Multi Cutter with 4 Attachments 33cc gas powered 4ft pole – $525

Includes aquatic weed cutter, Brush Cutter for heavier brush underwater and land use Grass Trimmer & Extended Pruner Chain Saw

Product Name: Multi- function 4 in 1 Aquatic Weed Cutter

Product Make : Santai

Start method: Recoil starting

Engine type: Air-cooled, two-stroke’s
Single cylinder gasoline Engine power:0.75kw/7500r/min
Engine Displacement: 33cc
Carburetor: Diaphragm type
2-Cycle oil/gasoline mixing ration: 25:1
Fuel tank capacity: 0.75L
Pipe diameter: 26mm
Sponge Damping + Rubber Damping
Packing size: 107cm* 27cm *28cm
4 attachments: Pole chain saw, Pole weed cutter, brush cutter with metal blade, Grass Trimmer with nylon head
Saw Chain: 10’’ Oregon Chain
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Keywords: engine, Sand

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Do It Yourself Kits

6.Get friend to hold the roll in the water as you walk back wards into the water. 5.Roll screen up into a roll and prepare to roll the screen into water. 3.Slide sand tube into pocket and put zip tied end in first. By one foot to keep the weeds from coming between the mats. 4.Fill all pockets and fasten end with tacks provided. 1.Fill sand tubes with all purpose sand. 2.seal open end with zip ties provided.



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