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By: Webwalker  09-12-2011

This “We didn’t start the Fire”format is getting a bit tired, the execution is not great, but I couldn’t agree more with the message. Just about everyone I know is spending considerably less time on Facebook these days comscore reports that the ads don’t work. So if they aren’t gaining user time and having a [..]

If you are a mac twitter user, you probably know about twitterific or similar programs. I just installed it and was checking out the pricing options and came across the image you see to the left here. I have seen various versions of this type of “nagware” licesnse before in shareware, but this was the [..]

Interesting article in Emarketer on three hidden 2008 trends. While I wouldn’t exactly call these three trends “hidden” they are not easily supported with numbers (which is eMarketer’s raison d’etre). 1. Increased media fragmentation – important, but The Long Tail opened and closed the book on that as a trend. 2. Internet as central hub [..]

I would have loved to see the pitch for the WhopperFreakout idea:”So we are proposing that we take your flagship food item (The Whopper) and take it off the menu and then film people’s reactions.” This is the boldest example I have seen of someone trying to answer the question: If your brand disappeared tomorrow, [..]

I just got through reading The Secret Strategies Behind Many “Viral” Videos along with a chunk of the over 350 comments on TechCrunch and it has frankly ruined my day. I spend a lot of time talking to people about social media, earned media and the democratization of communication channels. I buy into a lot [..]

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I am late to the party on this one, but DDB Canada launches a new social media arm and has already started taking some constructive criticism from several of the Canadian Social Media types about how they are launching the division. I am happy to participate and interested in the subject matter, but also smart enough to know that there are others who will be in attendance far more knowledgeable than I on the subject To prep us Joe.


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Who made an excellent point about it: “It is interesting though that in the days before the internet, something like this would almost never get seen. By virtue of being in the web business if I had to read and understand every ULA that I “agreed to” I could never get any work done. With the ease of distribution we all get to enjoy this fingerlicking goodness that one person was creative enough to notice..


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While I wouldn’t exactly call these three trends “hidden” they are not easily supported with numbers. I have recently been turned on to The Kaiser Edition and he has some great posts. At great risk of just being a repeater of some buzz worthy content. Hisrecent slideshare post however was gold.


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There aren’t too many things that can get me to wake up early on a Saturday morning when it is my turn to sleep in, but a BarCamp in my town and seeing Guy Kawasaki are definitely two of them. Having just moved to Calgary I am not going to pretend I have anything of value to say on the municipal politics front, however I am fascinated by what Jeremy Zhao is doing.


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In the race for media buyers to turn online video into something they are familliar with, namely broadcast TV, an important opportunity has been lost: the ability to really measure something. Only in the Age of YouTube could the people from stock footage be able to speak out about how their footage is used. Joe Thornley graciously invited me to the Roundtable he is organizing on Social Media Metrics and measurement.