Webernetic--P r o d u c t s

By: Webernetic  09-12-2011

CoSign® is a standard compliance digital signature solution that enables enterprises to digitally sign transactions, documents, and records. It uses Portable Signature Format (CoSign PSF™) allows anyone to seamlessly verify and retain proof of identity, intent and document integrity without costly, complicated, or proprietary software.

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Webernetic--Professional Services

Webernetic adopts systematic approach in our consulting practices: It starts by understanding the client environment, assessing the project needs, defining the project requirements, followed by design, deploy, test and maintain. Besides adapting modern development approach, Webernetic pays special attentions to enterprise integration, process optimization, user ergonomics and data integrity, all contributing to the bottom line for the clients.


Webernetic--S o l u t i o n s

The resulting workflow model is either too simplistic to handle real-world situation, or either too complicated it becomes a customized application. One of the challenge is that workflow design often requires specialized technical skills using expensive workflow tool. Webernetic helps organizations implement document management solutions optimized for their business processes.