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By: Web3media  09-12-2011
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The first question I’m asked when introducing myself as a web developer is “How much do you charge for a website?”

I generally categorize my website builds in 3 distinct groups. Depending on the client’s needs, budget and time constraints, I customize websites exactly tailor-made for the client’s requirements. There is a plethora of folks out there that can slap a website together ultra fast and ultra cheap. But that doesn’t mean anyone is actually going to SEE these websites. Most of us, including myself, have Attention Deficit Disorder when surfing the web; we have the attention span of fruit flies. Getting the web universe to focus and drill into your website takes a little more skill and some serious back coding that clients never see.

All of my websites use java script instead of Flash and video playback is html5.

In web development as in most things, you really do get what you pay for. There is lots of smoke and mirrors out there by self-appointed experts. What you get with me is authenticity and results.

Outlined below are the three types of website construction that I co-create with my clients. Areas that are not checked remain as options with an extra fee attached. Please feel free to contact me and explore some possibilities.

Keywords: Web Development

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Organic results are those that occur naturally within search engine results pages and high results depend on both technical construction of your site and the content within it. This technology works by first identifying the link structure of the entire Web, then ranking individual pages based on the number and importance of pages linked to them.