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By: Web Video Conferencing  09-12-2011

Make Every Day More Productive, Powerful and Personal

Whether you need to get more “everyday business” done or change the way you manage the entire customer lifecycle, iLinc makes gathering online simple, seamless and a success… every time.

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From filling the sales funnel to building customer loyalty and training employees across the state or across continents, iLinc has a solution and the support services you need to communicate and collaborate more effectively than ever before.

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For Sales | iLinc - Web Collaboration and Virtual Meetings

His team was already familiar with some of the basic meeting software out there, but most had complaints about dropped calls, choppy video, and difficulties getting in. They’ve played with different tools for online meetings and he wanted to get them all on the same page so he could improve reporting and consistency. The Solution Mark tested out iLinc and ended up selecting for several reasons.


For Training | iLinc - Web Collaboration and Virtual Meetings

She believes in the future of distance learning, but has found most software falls short in delivering instructor-led training. Her staff is highly trained and is used to engaging their audience dynamically and adapting their instruction to the audience. Michelle is the Director of Distance learning at an institution of higher learning. Ability to archive and edit sessions for reuse. It should support independent breakout groups.


For Marketing | iLinc - Web Collaboration and Virtual Meetings

She has hosted webinars with basic web conferencing software but she hasn’t been satisfied with the experience or the results. She had tools to read engagement and bring attendees’ attention back when they drifted off to check email. She would love to see her name alongside one of those marketing success stories she’s always reading. Kathy works closely with the Director of Sales who is always hoping for stronger leads.


Support | iLinc - Web Collaboration and Virtual Meetings

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