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By: Web Artis  09-12-2011

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful tool used by professionals on the web to drive traffic to their online space such as websites, blogs, and personal pages such as “myspace” and so on. Why do you need this? Most of the people that use and need Search Engine Optimization are selling products online, gaining popularity (e.g. Bands), or expanding their business in various directions to look as professional as they can.

What exactly is S.E.O.? 99% of traffic (potential customers) coming on site from search engines such as google, yahoo, MSN and AOL, when web searchers type in key words in the search bar. The main purpose of Search Engine optimization is to get in the top rank of the searchers within certain key words or phrases. For example go to google.com and type in and you will see in the top 5 website “”, not because everyone uses it, but because they have gained high “PR (page rank)” by S.E.O.

Many of today’s web users don’t know that google has a cycle, and everything done online takes up to 3 weeks to be found by google, or other search engine robots. For example when we register your new website in google, we register only front page and it will be seen by search robots in as short as a week, but when we promote your website on the web and optimize it, it would take around two and a half weeks for it to increase position and become top google ranking website.

Choose professionals only! Our team is known as one of the best Web S.E.O. Professionals and in very short time after using our S.E.O. services your website will between the best your business/category. If you choose the service of cheap/small companies that claim to be the best, you may find that they will spend half of money that you pay them on links that will increase your rank in google only for a period of time and in couple of month you will go back to zero.

Our services in S.E.O. are not explained fully, because it is a professional secret. It is almost impossible to find information about website optimization (professionals do not want or just don’t have time to share with their secret ways other than backlinks and Meta words). We do not guarantee the 1st place in ranking, simply because it is impossible to guarantee it (anyone who claims to bring you to first place are lying, because it takes a long time (up to 9 month) and you may compete with companies using S.E.O. Services and spending much more per month to stay in first place.

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