MWD and Surveying Services

By: Weatherford  09-12-2011

Standalone tools
The drift measurement tool (DMT), azimuth measurement system (AMS) and standalone azimuth measurement system (SAM) reduce survey time and expense while enabling operators to continually monitor the wellbore remotely.

Hostile Environment Logging (HEL™) MWD System
The HEL system is the industry’s most robust hostile-environment positive mud-pulse telemetry system, with 356°F (180°C) temperature and 30,000 PSI (207 MPa) pressure ratings.

HyperPulse™ System
The HyperPulse positive mud-pulse telemetry system provides directional surveying, formation gamma ray and temperature measurements in all routine drilling environments and in heavy-mud and high lost-circulation-material (LCM) conditions.