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By: Waves Of Change  09-12-2011
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Waves of Change Partnership is an organizational development consulting firm , thus we undertake large scale change activities in providing organizational development efforts.  We have successfully worked with Mazda Motors USA, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield of NY, and Alcoa Aerospace in such efforts.

We believe these approaches to organizational change must contain the following elements for success:

  • Actively supported from the top
  • Managed collaboratively at all levels
  • Utilize an appropriate blend of behavioral, social and systems sciences
  • Incorporate research and theory leading to practical applications
  • Be inclusive and inviting to all members of the organization
  • Treat people with respect and dignity
  • Provide multiple avenues for participation
  • Over-communicate the progress along the way, while keeping the Vision in front of people at all times

When undertaking an organizational development effort, it is critical to the success of the effort to identify an internal team of formal and informal leaders to guide the effort from within the organization.  A clear understanding of expected outcomes is critical as well as a realistic time frame concerning the changes.

Through the following primary approaches or strategies - Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Change Management, and Team Effectiveness Waves of Change Partnership assists our clients in achieving their desired outcomes.

Change Management:  Do you manage change, or does change manage you? 

Waves of Change works in conjunction with our clients to assist with both major and minor organizational change efforts.  Our primary emphasis is in the area of cultural change and integrating new organizational systems and ways of doing business, with the ultimate goal of improved processes and enhanced efficiencies within the client organization.  In short, we facilitate integrating the organization’s people with it changing processes and outcomes.

Specific examples of change efforts have been in the areas of; process improvements, cultural alignment (e.g., through mergers and acquisitions), and new and improved ways of doing business, as  well as new total system strategies.

In undertaking change efforts, it has been our experience that multiple approaches must be undertaken in parallel, depending upon the individual organization, its past practices, and the particular culture of the organization.  Recent efforts have been undertaken in the East Bay Community Foundation, Florida Production Engineering, and A.P. Plasman.

It is imperative that Waves of Change work with an internal team in undertaking a major change effort to identify those customized approaches with the best chance for local success.  We offer a comprehensive and participative approach, utilizing an action-research based formula in every case, thus recognizing that implementing change in itself can be an ever-changing effort.

Leadership Development:  Are your leaders effective?

Through a customized approach to your organization’s needs, Waves of Change Partnership will utilize current research, methods and practices to enhance Leaders’ development.

Waves of Change has a proven track record of offering high quality, professional Leadership Development efforts.  Recent efforts have been undertaken with Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Florida Production Engineering, and KPMG.

Elements of programs include of current research on Leadership, personal assessment instruments, highly interactive work sessions combining hands-on practical applications along with proven methods and current/future trends.  Critical Thinking skills as well as Systems Thinking are integrated in our sessions.

In addition to group sessions, Waves of Change has spent considerable time coaching Managers and Leaders through one-on-one customized approaches.  Each person being coached to complete a coaching contract with specific desired outcomes and time frames.  Coaching includes one-on-one time together with one of our consultants, assigned readings, possible mentoring sessions with one or more people inside the organization, journaling, and various work assignments as well as specific strategies for improved performance.

Strategic Planning:  Is your organization focused clearly on the future?

Waves of Change has worked with many organizations to assist with the development and implementation of long-range strategic plans.

Our comprehensive Strategic Planning Model can be adapted for your organization regardless of your sector or past planning practices.  Recent plans have been developed for Bartlett’s Farm, The First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor, and The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, and Lenawee Intermediate School District.

We utilize a participative and inclusive approach in our efforts to undertake Strategic Planning within client organizations, realizing in the end, decisions at this level lie with the Senior Leadership.

Our planning model takes into account that one-third of the work is in developing the plan, whereas the remaining two-thirds lies in the implementation, where organizations often falter.   The keys to successful planning include putting structures in place which will assist the organization to actually implement a well-developed plan.  Part of such a structure must also provide the opportunity for constant review and revision where necessary to keep the plan relevant based on a changing world.

Team Effectiveness:  Can you afford mediocrity?

Waves of Change has a proven approach for working with Teams of various types (e.g., project teams, quality improvement teams, and natural work groups).

Our approach to working with teams is to have them work on the real-work issues facing the team and the organization, while developing teaming skills in tandem, thus by-passing the need for team members to transfer the skills back at the workplace.

Experience has proven 3-days together in a Team Effectiveness experience will provide substantial increases in the team’s efficiencies and efforts. 

Waves of Change will incorporate the latest, proven team-building and team-learning strategies while increasing positive relationships and enhanced thinking on the teams leading to increased levels of action and a higher level of team results.  Recent team-effectiveness efforts have been implemented at

Florida Production Engineering


Lenawee Intermediate School District

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Waves of Change Partnership - Integrating People and Organizations.

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