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By: Wavefunction  09-12-2011


Spartan Demos are fully functional downloadable versions with temporary activation codes. These are available to academic faculty, government and industrial chemists. If you are a student and would like to evaluate these programs, please have your professor or graduate advisor submit the request on your behalf. If you prefer a mailed copy, please indicate this in the field below. Mailed demos via USPS First Class Mail typically take 3-5 days to receive (2 weeks if international).

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Spartan Software

The latest Spartan'10 release offers offers all features and methods included in the Spartan Essential Edition, and in collaboration with, provides a full range of post-Hartree-Fock methods including Density Functional, Moller Plesset, Theremochemistry recipes, and an assortment of Advanced Correlated approaches.



New to the SMD is the Spartan Infrared Database, a collection of approximately 40,000 organic molecules, the infrared spectra of which have been obtained from the EDF2/6-31G* model2 and which may be searched by matching to an input spectrum. The Spartan Spectra and Properties Database is a collection of infrared and proton and 13C NMR spectra, atomic and molecular properties, QSAR descriptors and thermodynamic properties.


Wavefuction Products

Wavefunction research programs contain access to a number of invaluable Databases including the Spartan Molecular Database, with more than 120,000 molecules. The is the world's repository for small molecule crystal data and comprises more than 500,000 crystal structures. All software applications include Tutorials and User's Guides.