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By: Waterwatch  09-12-2011
Keywords: data management, water quality, groundwater

The quality of the decisions that can be made in planning and developing water resources is largely dependent on the quality of the information that is made available to decision makers from water resource assessments. These are systematic studies that provide the information on water availability and accessibility needed to help maximize resultant economic and social welfare and sustainability of vital ecosystems.

We integrate land use, land cover, morphology, climate data, geology and geochemistry in conjunction with surface and subsurface hydrology; and use state-of-the-art GIS and computer models to maximize data management, interpretation and decision making to find practical and cost-effective solutions to the water issues that confront our clients.

Groundwater hydrology
earth-water Concepts inc. evaluates groundwater occurrence, distribution, movement, and quality in various geographic, geologic and aquifer settings. Knowledge of groundwater is paramount in sustaining water supplies for drinking, agriculture, industry, and natural ecosystem protection. A summary of our services include:

Watershed and surface water hydrology
earth-water Concepts inc. staff has comprehensive technical expertise in the areas of surface-water hydrology, water-quality sampling and watershed analysis. Our surface water capabilities and services include:

  • watershed modelling and analysis
  • point and non-point source contamination evaluations
  • water-quality sampling and analysis
  • stream gauging, data management and stream-flow analysis
  • watershed, water source capability analysis
  • watershed management plans
  • surface water-groundwater interaction evaluation
  • evaluation of the changes in run-off and recharge due to development
  • contaminant assessment of receiving waters
  • modelling to predict the effect of storm water run-off on receiving waters and recommend best management practices for improvement

Source water development
New sources of water often need to be developed in areas that are already heavily tapped with competing users, or with limited availability, or where water quality may be an issue. Industrial water users and water providers are beginning to recognize the treatment cost advantages of bank filtration, and where site conditions allow, the conversion from surface water intakes to groundwater. However, they must ensure high volume groundwater yields to replace the surface water supplies.

earth-water Concepts inc. hydrogeologists apply a comprehensive process to source water development that combines surficial and bedrock geologic surveys, stream sediment deposition and aquifer modelling, utility operation and maintenance considerations, and properly designed groundwater pumping tests to fully characterize alluvial aquifers and to design well fields that can produce the maximum sustainable water yield at the lowest total cost.

Groundwater exploration
Groundwater can be a high-quality, cost-effective and reliable long-term water supply option for many municipal, industrial and domestic water supply applications. But drilling for new supply blindly, or simply where it is convenient for equipment access, can be costly and usually will not give desired results when demand is large. Attaining a consistent and high level of success in subsurface exploration is a special craft that demands the skillful application of sound geologic and other scientific principals, proper data management, and expert intuition.

earth-water Concepts inc. hydrogeologists have successfully completed a large number of fresh drinking water supplies, plus salt-water supplies for aquaculture, ranging in scale from single-well systems to high-capacity, multi-well systems exceeding 5,000 m3/day (950 US gpm). We offer a comprehensive array of groundwater exploration and development services, including:

  • design, management and interpretation of geophysical and geological surveys
  • lineament analysis coupled with geophysical surveys to identify possible higher permeability in areas with fracture flow to better target drilling locations
  • design, manage and supervise drill-site exploration activities
  • detailed well logging through microscopic analysis of drill cutting returns and down-hole videography
  • subsurface geologic and hydrogeologic mapping
  • new-well and well rehabilitation design to optimize production and well life

Geothermal - water source interaction
Climbing fuel costs and concern for the environment have resulted in great advances in ground-source thermal extraction technologies and their use by industry, municipalities, and private land owners. But the processes used to extract energy move at much higher rates than those that restore energy into the subsurface, and often, little is invested to correctly assess subsurface geologic systems, project sustainability, and possible interactions with existing or future groundwater drinking supply yields and quality.

The growing number and size of investments in geothermal projects have raised the importance of understanding and optimizing subsurface geothermal processes. Good knowledge of geology and groundwater is paramount in providing maximum results for investment and protecting water supplies for drinking. earth-water Concepts inc. hydrogeologists have the skills necessary to properly assess these resources, through:

  • geologic and hydrogeologic mapping to properly assess the nature of subsurface thermal storage media and groundwater flow through the media
  • pumping (hydraulic) testing and analysis of wells designed for ground-source thermal use to evaluate adjacent groundwater flows
  • thermal conductivity testing and analysis of wells drilled into soil and/or bedrock
  • ground-source thermal well and well-field design and cost optimization
  • groundwater thermal plume migration assessment, plume capture optimization for balanced heating/cooling for both, closed-loop and open-loop systems
  • conjunctive thermal and water resource assessment and use planning

Wellfield design and permitting
Wells that can take advantage of geologic features to sustainably maximize well yield and water quality are the outcome of a successful exploration program, and a prerequisite to any good wellfield management program.

earth-water Concepts inc. hydrogeologists use a comprehensive process to wellfield design that integrates knowledge of the source, geology and hydrogeology, land use, supply protection, and system operation, all within a phased exploration and well testing program that ensures that knowledge gained from the earlier efforts can be used to optimize well placement and wellfield efficiency, at the lowest possible total cost. We remain involved from design through to wellfield construction, procedures development and operator training, system implementation, and site characterization and final reporting as requested by the client and as needed to fully meet regulatory permitting requirements.


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