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By: Waterwatch  09-12-2011

Our staff has gained significant experience through previous engagements in such projects as environmental audits, environmental impact assessments, and phased contaminated site reviews and remediation for government, insurance companies and industry. While earth-water Concepts inc. generally does not directly undertake these types of projects, our staff's scientific management skills and past experience in these kinds of activities allows us to work competently with clients where we can help to resolve the geology, surface water and groundwater components of these projects. Plus we offer our expertise to engineers, biologists, environmental consultants, lawyers, and others to help them achieve maximum results for their clients.

Research and assessments
For over 25 years, our principal and staff have taken the lead or have participated in various pure and applied science, research and development, and assessment projects, including:

  • participation in palaeomagnetic research and tectonic plate-temporal global reconstruction
  • assessment of acid generating materials, sampling protocol, avoidance, management and drainage control
  • evaluation of the cost and efficacy of various hazardous spill site remediation technologies
  • research and development of computer-run optical-electromagnetic material separation equipment for mining, hazardous waste reduction, and site environmental clean-up
  • research and development on material gravity separation for the mining industry and for site remediation of heavy metals

earth-water Concepts inc. has the scientific knowledge and capability to assist in your special research or development project: to help assure the use of appropriate research and reporting methods, credible scientific protocol, and proper quality assurance and quality control programs.

Site monitoring design
Municipalities, industry, engineers, and others can count on our expertise to help them obtain proper design, construction, maintenance, operation, and optimum return on investment for surface-water and groundwater monitoring systems and the data they produce.

Whether they are part of an environmental stewardship policy, or are mandated by regulation, surface water and groundwater monitoring systems must correctly represent site conditions and site dynamics. This cannot be accomplished by simply picking monitoring locations for convenience of access, or based only on topography. Good design, proper construction including good well development, and proper use, can help ensure that samples are collected in a sound, consistent manner, thus avoiding potentially costly bias in sample results initially, and over time. The tiny bit of extra effort that may be required to do it right the first time can offer significant dividends: to improve sample integrity and interpretations, yield more accurate conclusions and thus, reduce needless expense. earth-water Concepts inc. can help at landfills, industrial, and other sites requiring monitoring, by:

  • evaluating site geology, bedrock structures, and site hydrology and hydrogeology to define optimum locations and depths for surface-water and groundwater monitoring stations
  • participating in, managing and interpreting pre-construction geophysical surveys to help identify subsurface features of concern that can affect proper monitoring design, and to serve also as a baseline against which to compare results from future surveys
  • assisting in facilities design to help property owners optimize monitoring locations and reduce installation and operating costs
  • designing regulator-approved monitoring schedules appropriate to sites and operations
  • supervising system construction, collecting and interpreting field data during construction
  • collecting water samples on behalf of property owners,
  • training site personnel in sample collection and developing quality control audit systems
  • interpreting sampling results and advising property owners on best management practices
  • evaluating existing monitoring systems and revising system design and use with the goal to improve sample quality, to optimize data collection, and reduce sampling costs

Baseline studies
Having a clear understanding of pre-construction natural and site conditions is an important part of maintaining good environmental stewardship. It is a prerequisite to any monitoring program designed to properly identify if and where activity is causing impact to ecosystems; to any defence against allegations that there has been impact; or to show goodwill where there is public concern that there could be impact.

earth-water Concepts inc. hydrogeologists have the knowledge, observational, and scientific skills-set needed to properly assess, define and document the status of existing natural and other land conditions, including: soil and bedrock geologic surveys; surface-water and groundwater data collection system design and installation; soil, rock and water sampling and analytical interpretation; surface-water and groundwater flow and quantity evaluations; and geospatial and temporal data collection and management.

Environmental assessments
Environmental impact assessments usually require input from a broad range of scientific disciplines. Involving a team of knowledgeable, specialist firms to complete these assessments can result in superior quality data and reports, and greater credibility with communities and regulators, often for less cost. earth-water Concepts inc. staff have participated in numerous environmental impact assessments both large and small, completing such tasks as:

Peer reviews
Our expertise in surface-water and groundwater hydrology and hydrochemistry, and our broad experience in other related environmental studies and development projects, ideally positions earth-water Concepts inc. to serve as adviser and client's agent in the preparation of proposal requests for work that is to be completed by others, or to review relevant components of reports prepared by others to ensure the integrity of their work and recommendations. And since we are specialists who don't compete against others who boast the size or the multidisciplinary nature of their portfolio, we can offer our clients expert reviews without prejudice or commercial bias.


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