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By: Waterfurnace  09-12-2011
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The WaterFurnace Synergy3D series provides forced air heating, cooling and hydronic heat for radiant floors in one convenient package. It was engineered with leading edge components, and takes efficiency to new levels. Compared to ordinary furnaces and air conditioners, Synergy3D can provide savings up to 60%. When coupled with today's best thermostats and an integrated monitoring system, the Synergy3D will provide the finest in comfort and reliability. Best of all, this smart technology uses the earth as a free energy source.

The WaterFurnace Synergy3D series can dramatically reduce your annual costs for heating, cooling and hot water often as much as 70%! No other gas furnace, air conditioner or heat pump comes close to Synergy3D's efficiency. And with continuous increases in fossil fuel costs, your future savings will only increase. Only WaterFurnace dealers utilize GeoLink Design Studios, a sophisticated software package designed to ensure proper design and sizing of your WaterFurnace geothermal system. And only WaterFurnace dealers have access to our exclusive audit software

designed to estimate the heating and cooling costs for your home based on square footage, construction style and climate. Rest assured knowing your WaterFurnace system is specifically tailored to your home and its climate.

The Synergy3D Series Technology

Radiant heat (hydronic) is widely regarded as the most comfortable way of heating the home, while forced air is typically the most cost effective. The Synergy3D series combines the best of both worlds, providing the luxurious comfort of radiant heat for basement and bathroom floors while providing traditional forced air heating and cooling for the rest of your home. You no longer have to purchase a dedicated hot-water unit for radiant heat, a furnace for the rest of the house, and an air conditioner to cool in the summer. The Synergy3D does it all in one convenient package, using environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant, dual capacity scroll compressors, and the unmatched energy efficiency of geothermal technology.

An excellent combination of comfort, efficiency and reliability

The Synergy3 Advantage -- you'll experience superior comfort and incredible performance from the WaterFurnace Synergy3 system. Integrating the comfort of a radiant floor heating system with the advantages of geothermal technology, the Synergy3D system is truly distinguished from ordinary furnaces or boilers.

The Synergy3D Design

The Synergy3D unit will provide forced air heating and cooling to ducted zones, while also providing hot water to radiant floor zones. WaterFurnace systems are the result of state-of-the-art research and development. Dozens of quality checks are performed throughout the assembly process.

1. Blower Motor: A variable speed ECM blower motor with up to 12 airflow selections allows the unit to provide enhanced comfort, quiet operation and energy savings.

2. Cabinet: The cabinet is finished with a durable silver metallic finish for long lasting beauty and protection. Fully insulated for quiet operation with cleanable, foil backed insulation. New exterior design elements put the unit in the same class as today's stylish high-end appliances.

3. Coated Air Coil: Our exclusive FormiShield coating on the air coil resists corrosion and increases equipment life. Its large size improves efficiency and dehumidfication during cooling.

4. Drain Pan:Electronic overflow protection is included to eliminate the possibility of condensate flooding. Constructed of plastic the drain pan is also corrosion proof and resists bacterial growth.

5. Hot Water Assist: The Synergy3D preheats your water and delivers it to your water heater. The longer the unit operates, the greater the amount of hot water generated. In the heating mode, the hot water is generated at the efficiency of the unit. In cooling, waste heat is recovered and hot water is free!

6. Compressor: Copeland Scroll compressors are featured in all Synergy 3D products. Superb efficiency and reliability. Dual capacity units include Scroll UltraTech compressors. Mounted on double-isolation plates for extra-quiet operation.

7.  Controls: Sophisticated microprocessor control sequences components to provide ultimate performance. Onboard diagnostics allow for easy service. Controls communicate with thermostat to display service messages. ComfortAlert module monitors compressor operation for added reliability and easy troubleshooting.

8.  LED Status Lights: Externally-mounted status lights indicate normal operation or display faults and assist the technician in troubleshooting.

9. Hydronic/ Radiant Heat: Hot water for in-floor radiant heat is generated at a fraction of the cost of ordinary boilers. Typically, the WaterFurnace GeoTank is connected to the Synergy3D to store and distribute the heated water.

Radiant floor systems utilize a series of tubing encased in the floor. By circulating warm water through the tubing, the room is comfortably conditioned. Since the entire floor acts as a giant radiator, you'll experience warm floors and consistent comfort throughout the room, literally from head to toe. Floors covered in tile, wood, vinyl or stone are kept toasty warm, even on the coldest days. Heating is also accomplished using forced air through the duct system. Set your thermostats and enjoy warm, consistent temperatures throughout the home.

During the cooling season, the system will automatically reverse to provide cool, dehumidified air for air conditioning through the duct system. Quietly and efficiently --with no noisy, outdoor unit to detract from the peacefulness of your backyard. Synergy3D allows you to enjoy your environment, inside and out. And because this system uses geothermal technology, you can be assured of low operating costs, minimal maintenance, long equipment life and quiet operation.

Just below the surface, your yard contains vast amounts of energy that can be used to provide the heating and cooling for your home. During heating, the system extracts the energy from the earth, compresses it to a higher temperature, and distributes it through the home. During cooling, the system extracts the heat from the home and deposits it into the earth. By simply moving energy from one point to another, Synergy3D geothermal units operate at much higher efficiencies than ordinary boilers or furnaces. In fact, for every one unit of energy used to operate the unit, you'll receive three to four units of energy delivered into the home -- and that can make a big difference in your utility bill.

Your investment in this technology will provide you many years of luxurious comfort, economical operation and quiet, reliable performance. It's a premium system designed especially for those who expect the ultimate in performance.

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