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By: Waterford Technologies  09-12-2011
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Issues you are facing:
The average number of daily messages per user is growing dramatically, as well as the average size of each message. Email messages contain more rich text, high resolution images, video, voice mail, and bigger attachments.
2) Backup Times are Increasing: More messages means more storage to back up and the time available for backups is shrinking! How do you solve the problem? Set mailbox quotas and become unpopular with users? Users all believe that they need to keep all important email records and don't have time to do housekeeping on their mailboxes. So they create personal email files on the network that you still have to backup or they forward email out to their personal accounts (like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) which eliminates your business record retention management control.
3) Storage Costs: Buying more storage hardware doesn't solve the problem - it just pushes it out into the future and makes it more painful later. And your backups get even bigger!

The MailMeter Storage Manager Solution
MailMeter Storage Manager connects to your Exchange email server and shrinks storage usage by 70-80%. It replaces the attachment with links ("stubs") to the attachments captured in the MailMeter repository where they are compressed, single instanced, and stored separately from the mail server. It's seamless to users - no client software is installed on the user's PC. When they click on the attachment name, it just loads from MailMeter instead of the email server. What could be easier?

You can configure MailMeter Storage Manager to "stub" any attachment that meets your criteria. For example, you could set the default stubbing rule at 6 months for all folders and attachment types - any message older than 6 months will have its attachments "stubbed". Other rules you might set - "stub" attachments in the Deleted items or Sent items folder on messages older than 5 days; "stub" attachments greater than 2MB on any message immediately; and "stub" .ZIP, .EXE, and .AVI attachments on messages older than 7 days.

Solving your storage issue is simple and straightforward. MailMeter Storage Manager can be installed in less than a few hours and can immediately provide savings.

Keywords: Mailbox Quotas

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Lowest Cost of Ongoing Management - simple administrative interface - no classes to attend."MailMeter just keeps on running and running.. We guarantee you will be installed and operational in a few hours."The MailMeter technical support is awesome.. Ease of Installation and Upgrade - no client installation required. We started with 3T of storage on 15 Exchange servers. Ease of Use - simple to use browser interface.


Solutions for Email Compliance, Email Investigations, Email Storage, Mailbox Management and File Archiving - solReporting

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Solutions for Email Compliance, Email Investigations, Email Storage, Mailbox Management and File Archiving - solEmp

The MailMeter Solution: With MailMeter, management becomes aware of all the patterns that cause waste within their company, they can improve employee education and the email policy, which often deters employees from misuse if they know they are being monitored. All the storage and bandwidth for non-business email and attachments go away. Productivity gains come from eliminating non-work related email.