MM File Archiver - Storage Savings on File Servers

By: Waterford Technologies  09-12-2011
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Disk Storage Usage Continues to Grow
  • The amount of data stored on network servers is growing at over 20% per year.
  • Even though hardware storage costs per gigabyte are dropping, the costs of managing storage are skyrocketing.
  • In most organizations, 50% of data files on servers will never be accessed again.

Why keep buying more expensive storage instead of archiving old, unneeded files to a lower cost alternative? MM File Archiver can extend the life of the equipment you currently have!

Free Up 50 - 90% of the Space on Your File Servers

MM File Archiver maintains an inventory of files in its repository database. MM File Archiver Agent software runs on the file servers you want to manage. The agents take actions on the files that meet your policies - deleting files, copying files, and storing files on low cost storage

(de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted).

MM File Archiver with MM File Analyzer helps you save storage:

  1. Understand What You Have - Use File Analyzer Reports to view your files by server, by owner, by size, by type, by name, etc. to pinpoint the usage and abuse of your storage.
  2. Archive from Expensive to Low Cost Storage - Protect critical files by copying them to the archive server. Move older versions of files to the archive freeing up expensive space.
  3. Automatic Storage Optimization - Reclaim storage space without disrupting users. Set up policies to automatically remove older files from file servers and replace them with an intelligent shortcut "stub" that invisibly retrieves the original file from the archive. Smart Stubbing™ choices are:
    • OnDemand™ stubs launch application files directly from the archive;
    • Dynamic™ stubs automatically restore files from the archive to their original location when an application or user accesses the file;
    • Revision™ stubs gives a user a choice of the file versions that can be restored from the archive.  
Before using MM File Archiver
After using MM File Archiver

- look at the storage savings!

File Archiving Policy Examples

  • Delete all MP3s before doing backups
  • Archive and stub all files with modified date greater than two years
  • Archive and delete all files with created date greater than ten years

Lower Storage Costs

If you have two terabytes of expensive server storage where 50% of the data is never accessed, using MailMeter File Archiver to manage that space can gain you a terabyte in its first archiving process. You can take advantage of SAN devices easily and immediately without changing any applications. MM File Archiver can move files from expensive RAID storage to your SAN with a simple policy rule.

Lower Storage Management Time

MailMeter File Archiver removes the need for endless housekeeping by IT professionals trying to relieve the pressure of disk storage filling up. MM File Archiver runs automatically at regular intervals, actively and transparently searching for candidate files to delete, copy, archive, or "stub" that meet your policies.

Save IT Time - Easily Restore Deleted Files or Folders

If you need to recover and restore a file that was accidently deleted or modified in error, you can search for the file in MM File Archiver and restore the file or even a whole folder from the archive. MM File Archiver can also maintain versions of a file. It will archive multiple copies (as many as you specify) and allow you to choose which version to restore.

Lower Cost Disaster Recovery

MM File Archiver can copy files to lower cost storage and easily restore a file or folder from the archive. If you backup expensive storage to an offsite location or to the cloud, use MM File Archiver stubbing to lower your costs!

SharePoint Portal Server Integration

The popularity of SharePoint for collaboration and content management has led to unrestrained storage consumption as more users see the benefits of shared information. You can manage the growth, free up space, and reduce backup times by archiving and removing older and less used content to MM File Archiver.

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