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By: Wastaway  09-12-2011
Keywords: Construction Materials, Household Garbage

Wouldn't it be great if someone discovered a way of transforming household garbage into recycled, safe, and useful products; thereby reducing our dependence on landfills? WastAway has part of the answer to the worldwide garbage problem. Let's recycle all of it!

Prior to becoming Fluff®, household garbage undergoes a unique patented process to reduce all pathogens to a non-detectable level.

Composite Products of America is now conducting research and development of safe and attractive consumer products from Fluff®.

The building and construction materials shown here are all made from extruded "Fluff®." Fluff is a safe, stable product that has been processed through our patented recycling process.

Fluff is being tested as an extruded product used to make various composite timbers for use as building materials. The possibilities for development and use of the new products are nearly as limitless as the supply of material used to make them.

Park Benches, Planters, and Garbage Can Covers.

8" x 8" Tongue and Groove Composite Timbers.

Fluff for Land Application
Fluff is not only safe, but is well suited for land application on degraded or barren soils. The unique mixture of organic and inorganic materials in Fluff provide the perfect cover for erosion-prone land and will aid in returning productivity to infertile land.

Keywords: Construction Materials, Household Garbage