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By: Warucc  09-12-2011
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WARUCC Service Awards

Service Awards are granted to WARUCC members who have provided lengthy and dedicated service as a member of the profession. This Award will be granted to individuals who have retired or resigned from the profession and shall be determined by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Nominations for Service Awards should normally be received six months prior to the general assembly of the Association, which currently are being held in connection with the biennial conferences.

David Anderson Canadian Bible College
Jill Fike Simon Fraser University
Annetta Gellner U. of Saskatchewan
Hugh King University of Alberta
Leslie Lavers University of Lethbridge
Orville Lyttle Trinity Western University
Loretta Leibel University of Regina
Gail Meehan University of Regina
Tom Mitchell Brandon University
Terry Moore Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer
Harvey Nagel Simon Fraser University
Itidal Sadek Capilano University
Donna Schwandt University of Regina
Richard Spencer University of British Columbia
Sandra Stretten Saskatchewan Education

WARUCC Assistantships were created in 1991 to assist members undertaking professional development, research, education or other professional activities that will be of benefit to the registrarial profession.     In 2009, the Assistantship was renamed in memory of J. David McLeod, Past President of WARUCC, in honor of his outstanding contributions made to the development of the profession in Western Canada.

Note:  The Assistantship Fund is not intended to finance attendance at WARUCC or ARUCC conferences.

Eligibility:  Assistantships shall be limited to full and full voting members of WARUCC who have been involved in a registrarial or related function for a minimum of two years.  Applicants must have demonstrated to their Registrar/Director a clear and proven interest as well as a potential to make a valuable contribution to the registrarial profession.  The Registrar/Director must endorse the application before the WARUCC Awards Committee can consider it.

Awards:  WARUCC will allocate up to $5000 annually to support the Assistantship Fund.  The specific number and value of awards made in any year depends upon the number of supportable applications and the funding requests associated with them.  Member institutions will be expected to cover the full value of an award until the professional development activity is complete (see application procedures), and then WARUCC will disperse the Assistantship in one installment, by cheque, to the recipient’s institution.

Awards Committee:  The Awards Committee shall comprise the four WARUCC Members-at-Large and the WARUCC Past-President who shall chair the committee.  If a MAL applies for an Assistantship, then that MAL abstains from the discussion and the decision of granting the awards.

Application Procedures:  Completed application forms must be submitted by the applicant to the applicant’s Registrar/Director who must endorse the application in writing and submit to the WARUCC Past President by April 30 (for consideration of the Awards Committee).  Late applications may be considered if funds are available. 

Received applications will be reviewed by the Awards Committee no later than June 30th.  The Chair of the Awards Committee shall contact all applicants and advise them of the results with copies to the applicant’s Registrar/Director and the WARUCC Treasurer.

Where possible, no institution will receive more than one Assistantship at one time to ensure distribution across WARUCC institutions.

WARUCC Assistantship Fund recipients are expected to present at the next WARUCC conference in order to share their professional development with the association.  An alternate way to share an experience would be to contribute to a WARUCC newsletter with a significant written entry.

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Keywords: professional development