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    Warner Propeller provides an overhaul for the individual or business that demands the best in reliability, dependability, performance, and workmanship

     This service at our facility is mainly associated with the overhaul and repair of propellers and governors.  We also offer this service as a separate, stand alone, service.

     We can perform just about any FAA or non FAA NDT inspection requiring Eddy Current, Dye Penetrant, or Magnetic Particle.  If you require a certified inspection, we require that you provide the necessary manual or service bulletin relating to the inspection.  Our non-certified NDT inspections can be preformed per the customer's instructions.

     In general, NDT is the inspection of a component or part for cracks, corrosion, or other defects.  Warner Propeller uses 3 forms of NDT.  They are:

     A probe, containing a very small tightly wound coil is placed in contact with the part to be inspected.  Alternating current is applied to the coil which causes a magnetic field to be created around the coil.  Similar to the principals of a transformer, the area of the part closest to the probe, in turn, produces its own magnetic field which counteracts the probes magnetic field.  The opposition between these two magnetic fields can be monitored for any change.  Since the current applied to the probe remains constant, any change is attributed to the part being inspected.  

     This allows the Eddy Current method to detect changes in alloy, geometry, hardness, as well as detecting flaws in the material such as corrosion, fatigue cracks, laps, seams, and porosity.    

   This inspection is preformed on clean steel parts.  The part is placed within a magnetic coil and magnetized.  It is then coated with a magnetic florescent liquid.   In a darkened area a black light is used to insect the part.  If the part has a crack or defect, the area will become polarized from the magnetization.  The magnetic florescent liquid will be attracted to the area and will fluoresce or glow bright green in the black light.  After inspection, the part is demagnetized.

    Warner Propeller offers free pick-up and delivery to most of Arizona and New Mexico. There is a pick-up and delivery fee for customers outside of this service area. We have customers throughout the world and can arrange for worldwide shipping.  If you would like to deliver your propeller or governor in person we would like to give you a tour of Warner Propeller & Governor Co., LLC.   Visit the for directions.  

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