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By: Walton Feed  09-12-2011
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Walton Feed, Inc.

135 North 10th Street

Montpelier, ID 83254

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Walton Feed has been in business 54 years and has been providing dehydrated foods and supplies for immediate use and long term food storage for over 20 years.

Considered a leader in the market, Walton Feed has been instrumental in moving forward the technology of preserving dried foods to facilitate long storage life.

Moving into the area of preparing foods for immediate use, Walton Feed's products can now be found in some grocery stores through Utah and Idaho as it's foods break into mainstream use.

We at Walton Feed are pleased to offer you this alternative to the high cost of groceries and feel we can give you a real service in lowering your monthly grocery bill as well as helping you set up your food storage needs.

Dehydrated Foods and Food Storage

- finally at affordable prices. Open them for immediate use or pack them away in your food storage or year supply for long storage life. These dried foods are great tasting. With dehydrated or dry foods reconstituting to several times their dry weight, these foods are often much cheaper than grocery store prices. We have it all - wheat and the other grains, beans, powdered milks, cheese and eggs - dehydrated textured vegetable proteins, vegetables and dried fruits.. Many of them are close in quality to freeze dried foods but at a small fraction of the cost. We at Walton Feed feel confident you'll appreciate this cost effective answer to your shopping needs.


A large chunk of our dehydrated foods come in the form of whole seeds - grains and legumes. It seems the more we process our foods, the less nutrition remains in them. One of the more interesting things about seeds is they contain, in general, the necessary nutrients to make them digestible and healthy for our bodies. For just one example, our Essential Fatty Acids Section discusses at length how refined vegetable oils (from whole seeds) have the vitamins and minerals removed that otherwise would have made these oils much more healthy. This same idea can be repeated over and over again with the refined foods we eat. Our bodies need many nutrients to metabolize food correctly. And they are almost in every case found in whole foods before processing.


Whether we are talking about everyday eating or long term food storage for a rainy day, we can eat for a very small fraction of the cost if we are using whole foods. Instead of spending dollars for every meal, we need only spend pennies.

Storage Life:

Whole grains, legumes and dehydrated foods, if properly stored, they can last for many years, making them ideal for food storage. Compare this to the short life for perishable goods at the grocery store or the 1 or 2 years of life of wet canned goods. Limited pantry space? You probably can't find a more compressed source of nutrition than dehydrated food.

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