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By: Wally's Eco Emporium  09-12-2011

1. Price:

All prices are F.O.B. Wally's ECO Emporium (WEE) Office, and are exclusive of Federal, Provincial or other applicable taxes, unless expressly stated otherwise on this web site. We reserve the right to revise the price quoted in accordance with prices prevailing at time of shipment in the event of the following:

(a) If delivery is specified by the purchaser later than ninety (90) days from date of order, or
(b) If delivery can not be completed and shipped within ninety (90) days due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, orAny changes after date of sale, and on or prior to date of shipment, in tariff freight rates or transportation charges or in duty or taxation or in currency exchange rate, used in determining delivered prices, shall be applied to the prices quoted and be for the account of the purchaser. Clerical errors will be considered basis for nullifying prices, terms, etc. upon notification to the customer.

2. Delivery:

All shipping dates are approximate and while every effort will be made to maintain schedules, we will not be liable for damages on account of delays. All orders and agreements are contingent upon fire, strikes, accidents or other sets of circumstances beyond our control. In the event that requisite information or approvals are not obtained from the purchaser within a reasonable time after date of order, we reserve the right to extend the quoted time of delivery.

Items not shipped complete will be back ordered unless other arrangements have been made. In the absence of specific routing instructions by the customer we will exercise our best judgement to route shipments most advantageously. We will assume no responsibility for changes made by carriers. Our responsibility ceases upon delivery of shipments to carrier, and purchasers are cautioned against receipting them until careful inspection has been made.
The purchaser hereby grants Wally's ECO Emporium (WEE), a continuing security interest in the purchaser’s goods for any and all outstanding balances or other indebtedness owed to (WEE).

3. Terms:

Payment is to be made in Canadian funds on this web site prior to shipment.

4. Guarantee:

Commodities are warranted and guaranteed only to the extent and in the manner warranted and guaranteed to (WEE) by the provider, and then only to the extent we are able to enforce such warranty or guarantee. Without limitations and unless otherwise expressly agreed or implied through the manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees, (WEE) makes no other warranties, covenants or representations to the purchaser or its agent respecting the design, manufacture, workmanship, fitness for use, condition, sale or delivery of goods. No liability, including liability for negligence shall attach to (WEE) on account of any damage to persons or property or on account of any loss or delay caused by any failure or faulty operation of the item.

5. Acceptance and Approval:

All previous communications, either verbal or written, with reference to this proposal are hereby void and withdrawn. This proposal, when duly accepted and approved, shall constitute an agreement which is not subject to cancellation and no modification of such agreement shall be binding upon the purchaser or (WEE), unless such modification shall be in writing, duly accepted by the purchaser and approved by an executive officer of our company. It is agreed that these terms and conditions shall apply to the purchasers order and that all written conditions as imprinted on a purchasers order, which are not conforming with or contrary to our Terms & Conditions will be considered invalid.

6. Cancellations or Returns:

Orders can not be cancelled by the buyer under any circumstances without the buyer first reaching agreement in writing with the seller. In every event, permission must be secured prior to returning goods.

7. Applicable Laws:

All of the foregoing terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein.

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To keep the ever-increasing shipping costs reasonable for everyone, we do subtract actual standard shipping before refunding if you choose this shipping option and return most or all items in your order; we use the standard shipping rates for this purpose. If you need to know the exact shipping price before placing your order, we recommend that you use Invoice payment method for this option.


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The technology of using bioplastics as a substitute for petroleum-based plastics has been developing and available for the past 20 years or so, but commercial use hasn’t really been noticeable until recently. The companies that produce the raw materials and bio-resin based products generally have not achieved the production capacities or volume levels needed to produce "lowest cost" efficiency levels.


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