Wabil Najd

By: Wabil Najd  09-12-2011
Keywords: Qualifications, Conference Rooms

1.      Qualified programmers using different languages like C, C++ and others for different operating plat forms.

2.      Servers applications like Power Builder, Developer 2000, Visual Basic, Visual C++ with different Data Base structures like Oracle, Informix, Ingres, Sybase, DB2 and SQL servers.

3.      Qualified staff for Mainframe languages like COBOL, IDL, CICS, DB2, and MVS.

4.      For the Internet side we have the ability to use different technologies like HTML, Java, JavaScript and Java Beans.

5.      Also we have the qualifications in the field of communications by means of WIMAX, WIFI and Bluetooth technologies.

6.      Experts in Network engineering and Groupware,  Lotus Notes and MS Exchange.

7.      On the consulting side, we have the qualified and expert staff that are able to do the study and analysis for customer requirements and advice with the appropriate solutions.

8.      We provide many solutions and technical guidance to various aspects of business like Human resources and payroll, E-business, Warehouse inventory and control, Data storage and restoration and disaster recovery plans.

9.      We also provide the means of remote control for different locations for the client hardware.

10.  Business analysis and requirements , training, recruiting and outsourcing proposals can be given to the clients based on their needs.

11.  We have wide connections with different National and International companies to be able to exchange technological information and are able to undertake projects with our PMP certificates holders from recognized PM institutes.

12.  We also provide the experts who hold ITIL certificates  for the Information Technology Infrastructures using the widely recognized ITIL solutions to meet the customer's requirements and needs . 

13.  Cabling and restructuring of sites and survey studies of new sites.

14.  Installation of conference rooms networking using the latest technologies which include WebEx which can connect conference rooms throughout the Kingdom and all over the globe.

15.  Design and installation of computer labs , rooms and training halls.

16.  Installation of display screens across the building which can be controlled by the local area network using the pc or laptop.

17.   Installation of IP telephony  systems and VOIP systems.

18.  In addition to above mentioned, we also provide the clients with equipments based on the latest specifications that are available in the market.

Keywords: Conference Rooms, Qualifications