Vyatta Network OS Virtual Machines

By: Vyatta  09-12-2011
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Vyatta Network OS virtual machines integrate enterprise-class routing, network security, threat protection and traffic management technologies into virtual machines that are optimized for the highest possible throughput and security in VMware, Citrix XenServer, Xen and Redhat KVM hypervisor environments.  Whether you are consolidating datacenter resources or trying to optimize your enterprise network edge, Vyatta Network OS virtual machines will provide you the industry’s most complete network security and connectivity solution.

Key Benefits of Vyatta Network OS Virtualization Machines
Complete Routing & Security The Vyatta Network OS includes stateful firewall, IPSec and SSL-based VPN, network intrusion prevention, web filtering, dynamic routing and underlying services like NAT, DHCP and more asIPv6 ready pre-packaged virtual machines.
Platform Independence Vyatta Network OS allows for a single virtualized routing and security package to be installed on VMware, Xen, XenServer and Redhat KVM virtualization hypervisors.
Elasticity / Scalability Vyatta Network OS removes the limitations of box-bound network devices by offering the ability to scale performance, add users or add instances as in seconds and minutes, not hours, days or weeks.
Physical-to-Virtual Migration Using the Vyatta Network OS enables simple, straightforward migration from physical networks to the virtual environment without network redesign or compromising existing security policies and compliance.
Open API Vyatta’s REST based Remote Access API easily integrates with any third party management, orchestration, or provisioning system to enable complete remote control of all configuration and logging within the Vyatta system.
Utility Licensing Vyatta VSPL licensing offers pay-per-use billing options that map to common cloud computing consumption models.

Vyatta Network OS in Virtual Environments

Common Virtualization Use Cases

The Vyatta Network OS delivers a virtual networking solution that enables enterprise IT to maintain the exact security and policy enforcement as the physical network infrastructure it is replacing.  The Vyatta Network OS enables a multi-layer security approach in the virtual data center, by delivering comprehensive stateful firewall, VPN, IPS and more in a single virtual package, deployable in most common hypervisors.

Most networks are not single-tier flat architectures and virtual and cloud environments should not be subject to that limitation. Vyatta’s deep roots in delivering a complete layer 3+ network OS offers customers a single solution that can route and secure traffic in multi-tenant environments including creating complex multi-tier security policies.

The Vyatta Network OS provides the foundation for any best-of-breed consolidated edge networking solution by offering the industry’s most complete Layer 3+ virtualization optimized solution.  Add Routing, Firewall, VPN, IPS, Secure Web Filtering and more to build a custom enterprise edge solution.

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