VTLS - Products - Visualizer

By: VTLS  09-12-2011

VTLS Visualizer is a powerful, comprehensive tool to expose the entire contents of your library catalog, institutional repository, or other target system, allowing patrons greater access to more materials than ever before.

With Visualizer, patron searches are not simply limited probes of a collection, but total exposure. No longer will your patrons turn to your library only for bibliographic discovery—Visualizer gives patrons a one-stop destination for resource discovery of both local and distributed content! Faceted searching empowers patrons to discover more than ever before, without the need for professional search expertise.

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VTLS - Products - Virtua

With advanced features such as FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records), Update Notifications through SDI, User Reviews & Ratings, and support for mobile computing, Virtua sets a new standard of excellence for the library world. That's why at VTLS we have developed flexible software that lets you create custom profiles for each library and staff user, controlling access to more than 600 functions throughout the system.


VTLS - Products - VITAL

Built on Fedora™, this software is designed to simplify the development of digital object repositories and to provide seamless online search and retrieval of information for administrative staff, contributing faculty and end-users. By eliminating the traditional limitations information seekers encounter, this technology grants access to materials for all authorized end-users, from professional researchers to recreational learners.


VTLS - Products - Fastrac

Whether it's inventorying entire collections in hours, or finding misshelved books in minutes, Fastrac RFID handles it in real-time – just imagine – an up-to-the-minute look-up of your entire collection. With Fastrac's flexible design and expandable architecture, libraries can tailor a solution to fit their present needs and expand the system as their library grows.