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By: Voxalot  09-12-2011
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Voxalot is not just your average Voice service provider (VSP). Voxalot is a global internet telephony service that provides you with an easy and convenient way to manage all of your other VoIP providers from one central location. There are lots of good reasons for you to use Voxalot, such as Smart Call, Call Connection, Web Call Back, Virtual Toll Free, Global Access numbers and Voice Mail. Best of all most of these functions are available for free.

Smart Call: Take control of your call quality and costs with Smart Calls(Dial Plans). With a Voxalot Free account you can set up multiple Voice Service Providers and decide which one is used depending on your call destination.

Call Connection:Call Connection puts you in control of when and where your phone rings. Don't want to be disturbed with a phone call when you go to bed. Use Call Connections to set up rules that will determine when and where your phone rings. 

Virtual Toll Free: Want a cost effective alternative to Toll Free numbers for your web customers?  Check out our Virtual Toll Free Button. Put this button on your web site to allow your customers to call you for free, where you control the costs. Click on Details to find out more.

Non-Geographic to Geographic Number Lookup: A non-geographic number, also called a virtual number, is a telephone number associated with a country, but not to any single geographic location within that country. When someone dials a non-geographic number, the call is automatically transferred to the callers' closest geographic number equivalent. For example, lets say that you live in the U.K. and your fixed line number is +441327742475 and you were to dial 08704588200. Behind the scenes this call is routed to +441327857271 as this is the closest geographic number.

The main problem with non-geographic numbers is that they usually attract a premium rate to dial. Voxalot in conjunction with e164.org have built a solution to this problem by using ENUM lookups.

Keywords: Internet Telephony, Internet Telephony Service, service providers

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Often you need to schedule a conference call with partners, suppliers, or employees who may not be in the same city as you, however this becomes an expensive proposition when making international conference calls. For a small annual fee, a VoxLite account offers all of the Voxalot Basic functionality, plus the advanced Voxalot functions such as Smart Call Connection and Web Call back with.